Build Your Speaker Bio & One-Sheet

You know you need a succinct speaker bio, but are speaker one-sheets necessary?

What’s the thing that will make you stand out for potential speaking both onstage and online-- even BEFORE you get to show everyone what you’ve got?
You got it! -- a Speaker Bio & one-sheet.

Use it as your secret marketing tool!

Are you familiar with how bloggers have media kits to get partnerships and sponsorships?

The speaker one sheet is your media kit: that will help get you booked to speak and lead you to more clients. Not only that, it helps you verbalize what you do.

Come join me!! Class begins May 2017.


Course testers wanted for Speaker Bio + One-Sheet!

Be a Beta Tester--for you, this course is absolutely free.  You will be required to complete surveys, actively participate in a Facebook Group and give constructive feedback about the course. Please ensure that you are able and willing to commit to the experience before applying.

How can you benefit from a Speaker Bio & One-Sheet?

As Buddha said, “What you think, you become.”

Just creating your speaker bio and one-sheet gets you clear on your expertise and value on what you share with the world!

Do you dream of speaking both onstage and online but dread writing a Speaker Bio & One-Sheet?

We’ll do that together.

With this beta program “Build Your Speaker Bio & One-Sheet” You'll get to…

  • Write a confident, yet non-pretentious speaker bio that gets you booked.
  • Find the right photos to represent your brand.
  • Get your trustworthy testimonials to toot your horn for you. 
  • Use my non-designer friendly, clean speaker one-sheet template that speaks to 2017 not the flashy '90s.

This 4-week group coaching program in easily digestible videos of  4-minutes each.

Take part in live coaching calls with Soness, the head speaker speaker coach of multiple TEDx events.

Who is Soness?

Soness Stevens is the Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events, and has coached over 109 TED & TEDx speakers. She represented Japan for TED Worldwide, spoke at TEDxFukuoka and TEDxWasedaU.  Soness has a weekly nationwide broadcast TV show on Communications, and is an Associate Professor of business presentation skills at YNU. Author of Japan’s first multi-media textbook used in the university system and has published in peer-reviewed academic journals.  You may have seen her on NHK TV and FOX TV Japan, or heard her as the official English voice of Hello Kitty. She lives near the beach and practices Zazen Meditation at her local temple in Japan.