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STEP ON THE RED DOT:  The step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

starting January 17, 2017.


  • What makes an Idea Worth Spreading
  • Know if you have an Idea Worth Spreading
  • How to get discovered
  • Application tips & tricks
  • Choose a good talk topic
  • Create a clear, concise concept to pitch for a 4-18 min talk
  • TEDx interviewing skills
  • Audition Video help: what & how to say it + how to shoot it
  • Get confidence in your idea


  • Videos to guide you through concept, application, to video audition.
  • Checklist of your application journey
  • Private FB support group
  • Weekly Office Hours (Europe/Asia/Oceania & North America/Asia/Oceania)


BUT...there WERE 30 seats.  30 spots SOLD OUT overnight. 

Great! Right?
Uhh, This was not good because there was a waiting list of about 200+ students for this course!  

When I opened the offer to my beta testers of the Get Booked to Speak in a Week course, the 30 seats I offered SOLD OUT, overnight.  I want to keep the class cozy, so I can focus fully on you. What to do? 

I know you have been waiting to hear from me, so I have decided to...

Just for you...add 3 more seats  

for our January 17th class in  . . .   two days!

Yup. It's pretty sudden, but see what can happen for you in the next two days. . . .

Starting "Step On the Red Dot" NOW means...
you’ll be ready to audition with confidence from March  2017 for the TEDx events July 2017 - December 2017.