You might be wondering,“I gotta know, Soness, what’s new in the works?

Coming summer 2017
the beta version
(that’s for you, Beta For Life Tester)

2 Months to Your TED Talk:  from crafting to giving the TED talk of your life. (value $2,000)

“2 Months to Your TED Talk” is your follow-up program to my “Step On The Red Dot” course.  You’ll create your full TEDx talk and work on speaking techniques that go beyond performing--  You’ll connect, engage and move audiences.  

As a BETA FOR LIFE student, you get to participate in this beta + any course I make for life.  

If you want to speak on a TEDx stage in 2017, this is your chance.  

This is what you get...
For only $997, you’ll definitely get into:

  1. “STEP ON THE RED DOT:  The step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.” to get booked to speak at TEDx (January 16, 2017) (Value $997)
  2. “Your TED-Style Talk” Craft your Origami Style Talk that you can fold beautifully into a 4-18 minute time slot as a TEDx talk and tell your story to engage the audience.  This beta is summer 2017. (Value: $2000)  
    That’s already a $2,997 value for only $998 with Priority Access.
  3. Beta for Life” You get to be the first to test any course I create.  (Value: Priceless)

There are only 30 seats in the Step on the Red Dot class.  You must take action to become a Beta For Life by Wednesday, Dec. 28.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

URGENT: You'll have to grab your spot in the front row of those 30 seats in class. I want to give first dibs to you.

Start for only $99 for ALL BETA FOR LIFE courses