You have spent weeks
working the in's and out's of

building your Speaker Brand &
media sheet

Soness speakers at TEDx3.jpg

After working with us at Your Speaking Journey, you now know
what makes you stand out for speaking both onstage and online to organizers.   

You know how to use it as your secret marketing tool.
It helps you verbalize what you do--  
Book more talks on a variety of stages
to get your ideas out to the people who need you most!

With build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet:

  • You've gotten to know your "speaker essence,"
  • Created your speaker bio "elements" (Charm points, Brief/Medium/ Long bios) to 
  • Turn into your own "Speaker Brand"
  • You learned how to apply your speaker brand to your media, speaker and lifestyle photos, and
  • How to take action in getting "toot-Your-horn-for-you testimonials to
  • Put them all together in a simple, 'Zen' Speaker bio AND
  • Take to organizers, confidently and competently!! 
When I started the Build Your Speaker Bio and Media Sheet course with Soness Stevens, I was getting a little behind. I was up to date on the listening but not so much on the doing, and guess what happened_ Bam! An op.png

Build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet

 is now drawing to a close. . . . (awww)

Many of you have FINISHED . . . (YAY!) and are ready to head out into the speaking world --Speaker Brand & Media Sheet in hand-- and confidently place it into the hands of organizers for your future talks.




When this course goes live to the public (as we already have speakers knocking at our door waiting for our next “LIVE” round).

We have talked to you, heard your feedback and know that we have a GOLD NUGGET of a course that can be pivotal in taking you to the next level of your speaking journey. This 6 week course will be ready to go live in the next round for $997.

Speakers have been telling me that Build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet for $997 is a no-brainer as:

  • an intensive hybrid course of videos,
  • facebook feedback from me (and group members!),
  • 6 super in depth Office Hours and
  • Work-along-with-Soness workshops to help you GET YOUR STUFF DONE.
  • Clarity and Confidence on your Speaker Brand ..... NOT TO mention
  • Walk away with a digital version of a "new" Speaker Brand and Media Sheet that you can easily hand to future organizes to help you book your next talk.
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Of course we know how “life” comes up during courses.
We so appreciate in allowing us the grace and time to create a course that works for you.
When then the beta ends in a few days' time
we will be making the final revisions to get it ready to go "live" for our next season. 
AND we see that some of you may need
a little more time to finish your media sheets with some invaluable, insightful feedback on bios, phots, etc.
That is why we are offering you a chance to.....

Speakers in a row on stage laughing.jpg

Extend & Get Lifetime ACCESS to BYSB for $250

for a fraction of the full price (of $997), just for you, our BETA testers. 

This is the kind of course that you will want to go back to again and again
because as your speaking topics evolve, so will your "Speaker Essence" and your "Speaker Brand."

And as you know from going through the course with me,
“evolving” and “growing”
is  NOT just a matter of
tacking on more speaking gigs that you have done,
like a resume. . . 

Your essence as a speaker evolves along with you.
We do not (nor cannot) remain stagnant.

Approach organizers knowing that
 you are presenting who you are as a speaker
as you are now. 

Stay connected with your speaker essence,
update as you evolve and grow throughout the year and
within the course (with Soness) whenever we go live.

Think of this Build Your Speaker Brand as a “calling card”
to help remind you of why you do the things you do.
As one of our speakers, Lynda Marie Roy so beautifully put in one of our office hour calls,

“This is bigger than a Speaker Bio. [Soness is] helping us show ourselves and others “Why we are qualified to be listened to.” — Lynda Marie Roy, Faith & Plant-Based Nutrition Speaker and Instructor
collage BYSB 2.jpg

So, whether you are trying to finish up your Bios or are wanting to stay connected,
you can stay on the course (for a long as you want to continue on your speaking journey)
for a gratitude price of $250 (a fraction of the $997 that we will be asking for
in our next live round of Build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet.

Sounds Great, right?!

The greater news? That’s not all!

We know that your Speaking Journey is JUST BEGINNING once you Build Your Speaker Bio.

What about the TALK itself?

Yeah, that’s pretty important, too.

I have trained over 115 TED & TEDx speakers. As a TED and 3-time TEDx speaker,  I can tell you that Building Your Speaker Brand is one of the “easy parts.” You thought writing a bio was digging deep? We are going to dig a hole to China (make that Japan) deep into your CORE MESSAGE.

From the spark of an idea to being ready to present on stage or on camera, your TED-worthy talk is not accomplished overnight or even over several weeks, even! More like months.

I understand what it takes to make your idea worth spreading “worth” spreading. It’s no small task.
That’s why I have developed a step-by-step program to advance Your Speaking Journey with competence and confidence, with ease and grace!

What Next?
Introducing our LIVE speaker programs:

GBTS small long.jpg
  • Get Booked To Speak in a Week™️: from idea to “We want you!” in 4 minutes a day for getting booked to speak with E.A.S.E. (Easy Access Speaking Engagements).
SORTD small long.jpg
  • Step on the Red Dot™️ the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.
Origami talks.jpg
  • Origami Talks™️: Transform your ideas for TED, keynotes and workshops--Folding 3 forms and beyond.


While TEDx is not the be-all-end-all, it is currently the new book deal. This will be the first port of call because it will bring us results quicker and this notoriety will position your later efforts.

You’ll find it easier to get more bookings, meetings, and sales if you could boast public profiles portraying more of an expert status.

Many of the ‘big names’ you know of respect and listen to TEDx talks.   It brings their positioning from a place of “I'm a speaker” to “I've given a TEDx talk”.

It’s not going to happen overnight. There's a process.


Speakers to start their speaking journey by getting booked to speak with E.A.S.E. (Easy Access Speaking Engagements) in:

GBTS small long.jpg

In GBTS, speakers
Discover their purpose for speaking,
Find who they need to speak to, and
Develop 3 working titles and summaries that actually get organizers attention to get them booked to speak both onstage and online.

This is even before they develop their talks.

No one starts developing a full keynote until they get booked and have a deadline.  Save time by seeing what resonates with events, and then start developing the ideas for talks.  


Get Booked To Speak in a Week™️: from idea to “We want you!” in 4 minutes a day

for getting booked to speak with E.A.S.E. (Easy Access Speaking Engagements).

gbts mockup.png

Soness speakers at TEDx.jpg

From there, join Step On The Red Dot™: the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

Over 8 weeks develop a seed of an idea to grow a core thesis, then cultivating it into a 2.5-minute audition video, then live audition piece for TEDx-style events.

Step on the red dot centered.jpg


  • What makes an Idea Worth Spreading
  • Know if you have an Idea Worth Spreading
  • How to get discovered
  • Application tips & tricks
  • Choose a good talk topic
  • Create a clear, concise concept to pitch for a 4-18 min talk
  • TEDx interviewing skills
  • Audition Video help: what & how to say it + how to shoot it
  • Get confidence in your idea


  • Videos to guide you through concept, application, to video audition
  • Checklist of your application journey
  • Private FB support group
  • Weekly Office Hours + plus
  • Work-Along-With-Soness-Workshops (Europe/Asia/Oceania & North America/Asia/Oceania)

(Course Fee: $1,997)

80% of my speakers who auditioned got their TEDx talk on the first try.  The other 20% of my speakers became emergency speakers who got the talk they'd originally aimed for!   

There's no pressure for our speakers to audition for TEDx.  TED is simply one step on Your Speaking Journey as there are plenty of other events which are high quality and enable speakers to develop their speaking chops as well as speaking reels.  You can also choose to aim to audition for other events and I will support you in those as well.

We might not always get it on the first try, but stick with me and you will. I am in it for the long haul!


SOTRD mock up.png

Step on the Red Dot™️

the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.


1.  The core of your Idea Worth Spreading:
     Discover if you have an Idea Worth Spreading. 

“Everyone has an Idea Worth Spreading.”
— --Chris Anderson, Head of TED

Everyone has an idea worth spreading. I believe it’s a matter of discovering it, making it clear, concise and replicable. Often it’s not the first idea that comes to mind. Together, we’ll dig deep to find your heart’s message.

2.  When & Where am I gonna speak?

The timelines for applications and timelines for the speaker preparations vary from TED and TEDx.  TED lets their speakers know 1 year to at least 6 months beforehand. TEDx may have selected their speakers 6 months to 1 week in advance. Ack! Who can put together a TED Worthy viral talk in a week?

In my experience, as Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events, those speakers do not do well.  Following my timelines will save you time and panic later. You will already have crafted your core thesis + you’ll have the basic 2.5 min audition version of your talk ready to expand. So, you’ll be 2 months ahead of everyone else taking 6 months to prepare.

Your 2.5-minute audition video + live talk:

3.  Use my “Content Design Thinking principles for Innovative Speaking.”

  • Idea Phase.  Spark ideas. Expand & Develop those ideas.
  • Pro-creation.  Like a prototype, here's where if you were making a gadget, you'd tape together pens and paper clips to represent what you are trying to make and see how it looks, feels, and get some opinions if this is needed. I’ll share with you 2 techniques for Pro-Creation.
  • Revision.  As rough as it might be, begin to invite your team--that's me and your teammates in the Step on the Red Dot course to comment and support you in your creation process.
  • Production. Think of this as your craft to rehearsal process.
  • Feedback. What if it sucks?  Yeah, well, if you are in the creation part and think this will go away on The're wrong.  You need to get feedback waaaay beforehand. Before you present it to the public.
  • Shoot your 2.5-minute audition video and use at your live audition.  
  • Audition.  Wow the curator panel at your TEDx event.


There's one more key element...yes, the full talk itself!! 

Origami talks.jpg


Make your core idea into an Origami Talk.  
Most people talk about accordion talks that expand with a bunch of hot air.

We want talks that transform.  Origami Talks.

Origami. One simple square sheet of paper, folding into a crane (which represents hope) or a frog (Japanese "Kaeru" which sounds like frog or "change") or anything you desire--all from one simple sheet of paper.  


ORIGAMI Talk takes one core thesis, and transforms it (much like how we shape one origami square shape into a multitude of shapes)  into a TED-style talk (4-18 minutes) to a keynote and a workshop. Folding them into 3 forms and beyond.

In this 3-month online workshop program, speakers move from Step On the Red Dot core thesis to Origami Talk. This is your follow-up program to my “Step On The Red Dot” course.  You’ll create your full TEDx talk and work on speaking techniques that go beyond performing--  You’ll connect, engage and move audiences.

If you want to speak on a TEDx stage in 2018, this is your chance.

As Special BETA testers of my newest program, Build Your Speaker Brand and Media Sheet, I would love to offer these courses to you to continue on Your Speaking Journey.


Origami Talks™️

take your one core thesis, and transform it into a TED-style talk (4-18 minutes) to a keynote and a workshop. Folding 3 forms and beyond.


I have created SEVERAL ways that we can continue working together:

1. BYSB Extension Offer: Join “lifetime” access to Build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet to continue honing in on your speaker brand and keep your speaker brand and essence up to date with a gratitude price of only $250. The price goes up to the regular "LIVE" price (of $997) from April 10, 2018.

2. SORTD + BYSB extension Package:  Realize your TEDx audition dreams with “STEP ON THE RED DOT: The 8 week step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.” to get booked to speak at TEDx (Starting in April 2018) for $2000 now,
and get Build Your Speaker Brand and Media Sheet (special fee of $250) as a bonus.

3. SORTD, ORIGAMI, BYSB extension Package: Nail your audition, complete TED-style talk, and workshop with “Step on the Red Dot” ($2,000) + “Origami Talk: Craft a talk that you can fold beautifully into a 4-18 minute time slot as a TEDx talk and tell your story to engage the audience. 3 month interactive program   (course fee: $3,000 value ) for $5000
and get an EXTENSION to Build Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet (value: $997)
join in our next session of GBTS (value: $197) and
one bonus group office hours coaching (in addition to the regular coaching office hours) (value: $600)  as bonuses.

The above courses are ALL courses where I personally interact with you with insightful feedback in our private facebook groups and where you GET YOUR STUFF DONE during our office hours and WORK-ALONG-WITH-SONESS workshops!

You know how I teach.  

You don’t just get a series of videos where your are left to your own faculties. Writing talks from your heart is a soul-searching activity. I’m there with you all the way.

And that’s why I’m opening the last two options for only 30 speakers.

(This is INCLUDING the 15 speaker seats we are keeping open for option 3) It gets pretty intense the last three months before you give your talk. And I want to be sure I can be fully there for all of you.

So that all of my speakers win.

My team and I understand how finances and timing factor in when you are making those crucial decisions. If you have some concerns via payments, feel free to talk to me and we can talk one on one to see if we are a good fit, or how we can make some payment plans work for you. 

What a pleasure it has been to go on this adventure of Building Your Speaker Brand & Media Sheet has been! 
Please be on the lookout for new courses offered by Your Speaking Journey! Don't forget to fill out our survey of new course requests, and how we can continue working together! 

Cheers! And love to you all!




Below is a brief timeline showing how we can work with ease and grace, yet producing a full talk/ workshop that can wow audiences and organizers alike.

It’s incredibly high level but there’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that's not mentioned.

The golden rule of marketing is test and measure. If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it.

We won't just blindly stick to the plan if the results indicate something different will be more successful.  

Adaptability is the key.  

Yet my programs are tried and true.  

I've trained over 15,000 speakers.  Over 137 speakers are in my current course.  I stay on until they win.

My programs are based on 18 years of academics in action.  I'm not “playing” teacher. I am a teacher. I'm a 3-time published communications researcher.  I'm a TED & 3-time TEDx speaker. My courses are not based on theory. They are based on what works.


That said, here is our initial month by month of a full program with me:

Month 1  | Get Booked to Speak in a Week


Create 3 working titles and summaries to get booked to speak with EASE (Easy Access Speaking Engagements) over one week.

Month 2-3  | Build Your Speaker Brand


Determine your speaker essence while crafting your unique speaker bio that doesn't sound like an ego walking on legs and a zen speaker media sheet. (6-weeks)

Month 4-5  |  Step On the Red Dot


Develop TED-Worthy ideas over 8 weeks

Month 6-9  | Origami Talk


3 months of crafting TED-style, keynote and workshops.

I know you don’t want to stop at just showing what you can speak about.
You can take the time to develop, Hone in your ideas with ease and grace over a period of


Nida and Sana envisioned having featured women speak at the what they imagined could be Pakistan's premier design event as well as the most expensive event in the country.  People told them: 2 women can't organize an event of this scale by themselves. They couldn't get the high figure sponsors they wanted. Even the big sponsors wanted in-kind and chump change.  They wanted to prove the industry wrong.

They knew the featured women had great ideas, made huge contributions in advertising with Synergy-Dentsu, Google, and major and minor companies.  While some of them had spoken, some confident, one commonality was fear.

“When I was approached to be a speaker on this conference I was so scared to face the audience. I thought that I was going to make a complete fool of myself. But then, we had this blessing from the universe, and that was Soness Stevens!
[She showed us] Not only how to get up on a stage and talk, but how to persuade people to see things from your point of view. I think it’s an extremely important skill to learn. For any creative, for anyone who is trying to enlist their vision... It doesn’t matter from which profession you come from. You need a coach like Soness who will tell you to learn to listen, learn to have compassion and then guide people to your point of view. Don’t push them. That’s the most amazing life skill that I learned. It is not only learning how to speak on stage. It’s about listening and it’s about persuading people.
...She really brought out our own selves. And she gave us the courage to face our fears, and again, be ourselves.”
— --Atiya Zaidi, Executive Creator Director, Synergy Dentsu Speaker for ND2C17
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-06 at 2.46.30 PM.jpeg

Nida & Sana wanted to at this point break even if they weren't going to profit. Sana's husband told her, "You have no budget.  Hiring a speaker coach is a waste of money. It's foolish."

They worried about filling seats.  They worried their speakers were going to back out...and as it turns out, they were right.

Speakers who didn't take the training bailed on the event weeks and days before the event.  Their Headline nationally famous speakers who weren't trained, but "experienced and TED speakers" so they "didn't need training" ended up having the worst reviews and people walking out on their talks.

Here's what saved ND2C:  the 6 Featured Women.

They spent 3 months training with me.  3 of the speakers got standing ovations.  They all were the highest ranking speakers of the event.

Sponsors like IBM and others said,

"This was the best event in Pakistan! I'm sorry we didn't believe in you.  Next year, we are sponsoring 10 times what we did this year and paying for seats our organization to participate in the conference."

"Hiring Soness as speaker coach was the best money she [my wife] spent on this entire conference.  I told her it was a waste of budget. But Sana insisted. I'm convinced now. You can see the difference night and day between the speakers that worked with Soness and the ones who didn't.  Definitely bringing Soness back next year." -- Taha Anis (Sana's husband)



We have a pretty amazing guarantee...

We are so confident in you, that if you don't get booked to speak then I'll work with you privately until you do or give you a refund on that course.  I can't guarantee that each speaker will get booked to speak at TED or TEDx or specific events, but I know they can get events to share their ideas if they trust the process.


Yes, really.

We do not guarantee you will make money. To suggest this is insulting to your intelligence.

We do however have a guarantee which means if things aren’t going to plan then you do not miss out.


"We are nothing alone.  And we are everything together!"



I have a SPECIAL speaker’s RETREAT week in JAPAN in the works … in November 2018!
Work with me on your Origami Talk LIVE! In Japan!

Not only will we work on and complete your talk to make it READY TO GO, you will use your experience in Japan to see how it can enhance your speaking experience through traditional cultural practices like “ikebana” (Japanese flower arrangement), Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese Tea Ceremony, authentic zazen meditation at a major temple near my home, topped off with eating authentic Japanese cuisine with a private cook, and FINALLY! PRESENTING your talk in front of a LIVE audience in Japan to help you create and build your speaker reel with professional videographers and photographers to help enrich your Speaker page and Speaker Bios! Spend time with Soness and the Your Speaking Journey team, with Local Japanese guides who can show you a culturally rich japan-- and get multiple valuable experiences in one go!

We have a special program in mind for you who are serious about expanding your speaking reach-- not to mention 6 full days with me and the Japan Experience in the beautiful month of November with Autumn leaves and cool weather AND DELICIOUS FOOD!

So stay tuned for more details! (let me know here if you are interested in this retreat so I know how many speakers I can prepare for) We are capping participants to 10 members of the SOTRD or Origami talk courses. Members of the ORIGAMI Talk group will get a chance to speak on stage to engage fully with a live audience.