Rick Clemons, Author, podcaster & TEDx speaker

I just want to say that this course has inspired me, challenged me, caused me to go deep, and to tap into what i knew to be true. I need to be speaking and making it my life work. Step­by­step the content and Sonesses guiding hand have helped me gain clarity, confidence, and kept me committed to actually submitting my first TEDx Application. Would I have gotten there without this course? Probably, but not near as quickly nor with as much clarity and conviction. I'm now on the hunt for speaking engagements and enjoying the process. I don't just believe I will get speaking and engagements because of this course and Soness, I know and am manifesting that intention...NOW!


Just landed my first big paying gig. October 19, High School, 2500 students, College preparedness day, two talks, back to back, 1250 students each talk, + one workshop. Here we go! Blessed! Thank God I got a TEDx under my belt.
— Rick Clemons