Introducing Step on the Red Dot

Step On The Red Dot is a 6­ week, multimedia online training program that takes you through the entire speaking process. With the step-by-step training, you’ll be able to craft your talk from idea, through creation, to stepping on the stage to deliver your talk. Whether you’re creating talks for the stage or online, this training will help you make all your talks TED-worthy.

But it’s not just for TED: you will get access to strategies to get you speaking ASAP so you can become the go-to expert in your field, a pioneer who leads a movement.

Each week, Step On The Red Dot gives you a new set of videos that combine theory with action, so you can start implementing what you’ve learnt right away. Plus, you’ll have access to a tailored mastermind team AND weekly group coaching calls to get booked solid all the way along your speaking journey. 

Unlike other presentation skills programs that tell you that speaking is a performance and focus all training on learning to perform, this program hones in on the real deal:

  • Form authentic connections with your audience
  • Be true to yourself when you’re on stage
  • Turn fears and shyness into confidence
  • Move your audience so they go on to share the unique message that only you can deliver

The best part? You don't need to be an actor, performer or a trained speaker to join this program. You don’t have to learn to be someone else. You can be you. In fact, I'm going to show you how to get the confidence to connect with your audience while staying true to yourself.

Finally, in Step On The Red Dot you’ll learn how to be prepared when you are in fact asked to speak at a TED event. I’ve met too many people who scrambled at the last minute, and had to turn down the opportunity because they were not prepared. Speaking in front of a big audience can be frightening - speaking at TED can be even more. So in this program, you can learn how to break this mental block so you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

But of course the main question is: how do you get to TED? It’s a long road, right? Well, I’ll show you the short route to apply to TED so it doesn’t take years, but months. So if you’ve ever daydreamed of speaking at TED someday, maybe even this year, this course is for you.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each module:


How to find your Idea Worth SpreadingI’ll help you discover your idea, make it clear, concise and replicable. Together, we’ll dig deep to find your heart’s message. I’ll also share with you the 7 Questions that help you shape your idea to its full potential.

"These 7 Questions for an Idea Worth Spreading is GOLDEN!" - Kyle Wood

How to quiet the little voice in your head. You know, the one that says “Who do you think you are? You’re not expert enough. You aren’t ready for TED.” I’ll share with you the exact techniques I use to quiet that voice. Most coaches tell you to shut it up, but you can actually employ that voice at the right time and make it work for you! With these tricks alone you can save thousands of dollars in both therapy and time spent on your talk.

How to Always Be Speaking. While crafting your message, speak on as many platforms as possible: stage, webinars, podcasts, local meetups, everywhere! I’ll show you how speaking wherever you can gives you great experience in connecting with people listening to you.

Why the “Why” Isn’t Enough. Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with Why” is just the start. From this video you’ll learn a simple but profound Japanese technique called Kokorozashi or “Heart’s Mission” that you can use to dig deep and discover your true Why behind your talk, your career, and your mission.

"This helped me work out my Idea Worth Spreading. Even when I was applying for this course, I didn't feel like I had a strong idea about what I want to talk about. Now I do!" - Ada Wells

Play to create your central idea. We’ll use creative and playful techniques to make creating your talk’s core statement easy and fun.

How to make your talk relevant to your audience. Here’s the trick: your talk is never really about you - even when you do talk about yourself. Here you’ll learn how you can design any talk with your audience in mind.


How to navigate the Time Maze. Timelines for TED and TEDx applications are hugely different from event to event. A TED event can let a speaker know 1 year to at least 6 months beforehand, while a TEDx event may have selected their speaker 1 week in advance - and preparing in a timeframe like that is an uphill battle. But if you following my timelines, you will be two months ahead of everyone else, saving yourself time and saving yourself from panic.

How to choose between applying, I will personally help you decide which is the best route for you to take depending on your circumstances.

How to find the best events to get selected as a speaker - surprisingly, it’s probably NOT where you thought.

What to fill in the application blanks? Your teammates & I will give you feedback to make sure your application document is clear & concise. Plus, I’ll personally make sure it’s exactly what that event curator looks for in their speakers.

How to relate to your event’s theme. I’ll show you how you can shift your talk with one phrase to speak to the current theme without having to scrap your whole concept.


How to collect the vital elements for your talk - You’ll learn how to make sure your talk is engaging, you have the data to support it, and you have the elements in place to have your audience take action.

I’ll show you the 4-MAP technique to not only get those ideas going but to place them in a coherent structure.

How to use story- - Whether it’s personal stories or case studies, they are vital in supporting your central idea. I’ll also share how to go beyond the Hero’s Journey (so overused!).

How to find your unique voice - some people try hiring a copywriter to write their talk for them. It always breaks apart, because most copywriters will have no idea what your true voice is like - how could they, if you don’t know either? In this section, I will help you discover your authentic voice.

"I did it! I spoke for 2.5 minutes...I got told that I was more prepared than most. Thank you to Soness Stevens and all the members of this fabulous group who took time out to help me with wonderful title suggestions and the polishing of my script. I love and appreciate you all." - Claire


To create your 2.5 minute audition video and prepare for the live talk in five easy steps, I will show you my “Content Design Thinking principles for Innovative Speaking” system:

  • In the Idea Phase I help you brainstorm and develop the ideas that came to you.
  • The second phase, Pro-creation is like creating a prototype, as if you were making a gadget, taping together pens and paperclips to represent what you are trying to make and see how it looks, feels, and get some opinions if this is needed. I’ll show you two different techniques for Pro-Creation so you can work with a prototyping method that feels the best for you.
  • In the third phase, Revision, as rough as it might sound, we begin to invite your team -- that's me and your teammates in the course -- to comment and support you in your creation process.
  • The fourth phase, Production, is when you craft your performance style and rehearse.
  • Finally, it’s time for Feedback, feedback, feedback. The best way to know how audiences will react to your talk is to get feedback way before you ever get to a live event.


In this module, I will help you shoot your 2.5 minute audition video and/or use at your live audition. Beside getting my personal feedback for your video, I will show you how to use your audition to pitch for paid speaking gigs, and how to use your audition on your website to grow your online audience and your personal brand.

"They said I was the most prepared, clear and concise. They could easily see how my 2.5 minute talk could be an 8 minute talk for their event! Everyone came up afterwards asking for my card and I got another gig at that audition!” - Denise

If you sign up to Step on the Red Dot, you will not only get the modules.

You get 2 time zones coaching calls weekly for 6 weeks where I will personally answer your most pressing questions, from:

  • How to get speaking engagements and apply to TEDx
  • What really happens on a TEDx stage
  • What to do if something unexpected happens when you're on stage
  • Laser-sharp feedback on your specific creation process

The Step on the Red Dot community is a great gathering place of like-minded people, where you can exchange experiences, get creative together, and provide inspiration for each other.

"I did it! I spoke for 2.5 minutes… I got told that I was more prepared than most. Thank you to Soness Stevens and all the members of this fabulous group who took time out to help me with wonderful title suggestions and the polishing of my script. I love and appreciate you all." -- Claire

This five module-course is the start of your speaking journey. Step on the Red Dot is the only course with the experience to show you how to apply to speak at TED and TEDx. Are you ready to make turn this daydream into a reality? Join me in Step on the Red Dot and let’s get to work on your Idea Worth Spreading!

If you apply today, you’ll get the following bonuses I’m offering only for this launch:

Bonus #1: What to wear on stage and on camera video training & Check list ($197 value)

Bonus #2: The four-part Speaking Fun-Damentals video series to boost your speaking skills ($97 value). The four videos are:

  1. Meditate your way to memorize your talks
  2. Video training on how to prepare for the unexpected.
  3. Mindmapping for presentations
  4. How to find time to practice your audition talk when you've got no time to spare

Bonus #3: MP3 meditation to tap into any emotional state on stage ($47 value)