“How do you stop child rape? Education.”

 What can be done to stop child rape? Education and Career expert Dr. Karan Gupta teaches from the best schools to slums to the streets. He talks about how to keep kids in school and how education is the key to stop child rape in India. Instead of punishment, we need a solution now and for the long-term. Children are being empowered to defend themselves through a unique combination of education with self-defense classes. If you are empowered, you will not be compelled to show your power.   #Education #Metoo #KaranGupta #TEDx #Rape #StopRape #ChildRape #SelfDefense #Power #Strength #Hope


“I talked with several speaker coaches before deciding to work with Soness. Others were just trying to land me as a client. Soness was the only one who was honest enough to say, “I wouldn’t put you on my stage.”

Kind but firm. It’s like she knew I had something deeper in my soul. And she did. She asked me probing questions that felt like therapy, we laughed a lot, and then BAM! She heard the real me.

Within a week, she got me to take action, pushing me faster than I had imagined. She even helped me create a workshop to expand the movement.

My TEDx talk got a standing ovation, and at the end, people lined up to join the movement.

Now my talk “How to Stop Child Rape in India: Education” has close to 1 Million views!”
— — Karan Gupta, Ph.D., Educator, India