What’s TED Worldwide Talent Search like?

Soness Stevens getting feedback from Chris Anderson, TED Curator

What’s TED Worldwide Talent Search like?

American Idol for smart people. That’s the simplest way I can describe it.

I love that there is no real winner because even those who do not get chosen to go to Longbeach, California wins both onstage and off through the exchange of Ideas Worth Spreading. Everybody wins. From what I understand, just like a talent search, even those who get up to the final rounds get amazing opportunities.

Looking at the brilliant minds surrounding me, I feel like a kid who accidentally got put in the honors class due to a typo. No, wait, I am meant to be here. I may not be a neuroscientist, but I know how to spell it…or at least spell check it. Oh, I was in the honors class. Might have been a mistake, but I rose to the occasion.

I’m thankful for my community and TEDxTokyo who believe in me knowing the passion that burns inside. Thank you for the opportunity to share a simple idea.

I hope to spread two simple things:
1. A solution to time and healthy cooking that the audience can apply the moment they get home.

Time is valuable. I had no time, and frankly no skills, to cook healthy meals. It was more than just expensive to eat out, I was getting sick. So, I needed to change ASAP. I looked around my kitchen at the only device I never used and had an Ah-ha moment.

Now, I cook 3 meals a day in a piece of Japanese technology most people already have. It takes 3 minutes to prepare meals. Just mix simple ingredients in it. Push a button and go. I have time to do what I want to do: sleeping, running, working, surfing, etc. I make 3 meals a day in a rice cooker. I’m healthy again and have cut my food bill by 2/3.

2. The solution to problems might be right in front our face. 
The solution may have one name, one limiting purpose (It is called a rice cooker for a reason) but I say, “In life, go against the grain.”

What solutions are you seeking that might be staring at you in the face?
Have you ever felt out of your element but chose to go for it?

Please share and let’s discuss in the comments below.