Having Second Thoughts? Think in Your Second Language!

Having difficulty deciding how to streamline your talk?

Do you make decisions quickly and easily? Or do you go back and forth over which direction to go?

Want to give a TED talk about a subject that you usually do a full-day seminar on? How do you simplify those points? How do you decide what is important to you?

When you are having second thoughts about those decisions, let this easy process simplify your life.

Find Your Gift

Trying to find a theme to talk about or start a blog on, but can’t quite grasp what your gift is?

Some of you may already know exactly what you’d want to talk about. Others may not be so sure what their message would be.

We all have a unique story to share, whether you know it or not! In this Show-N-Tell, I’ll give you 3 simple steps to finding YOUR unique gift to share with the world.