How do you get views on your TEDx talk?

Surprise! “Your TEDx talk is Live!”

In an instant, your heart pounds and your talk is open to the public. Suddenly you start to wonder what you can do to make sure you get the most leverage out of your talk as possible.

This is what has just happened to my speaker Cathy Garner’s TEDx talk “The Science of Relationships” came online 20 hours ago.  Yes, it is a surprise. A surprise I see coming time and time again with many of my speakers. Because if this I wanted to answer some questions regarding what to do once your TEDx video comes out right now.

How long does it take between giving your TEDx talk and your video showing up online?  

TEDx talks are organized by volunteers independently of TED.  So there is no sure model of any of the systems. Your TEDx talk could come out within a few weeks, or like my talk on “Miscarriage: What do you say?” 7-8 months later with zero notice.  

What do you do when your TEDx talk comes out to get views?

You can’t edit it as TED owns the rights to it. So technically, you can’t share clips of it for promotion.  The TEDx event can for themselves with consent from TED but as a speaker, you do not own the video. I have seen speakers do it, but I can’t recommend it as it’s against their rules.  So what do you do instead? Prepare to get traction.

How long do you have to get traction on your TEDx talk on YouTube?  

24-hours.  It’s the first 24 hours that make or break how many views you get.  And unfortunately, for most TEDx events, we don’t know when the talk is going to get released on YouTube.  But if you prepare, like my speaker Karan Gupta took my advice, just like him, you could get over 1 Million views in a few months. So you gotta

  • Pre-craft promos ready to go at a moments notice.
    If you are waiting for the talk to come out, it’s too late.  We just don’t know when will approve your talk for YouTube. You might not even get any notification from the event (I found out one of my talks had been online for over a month without the event ever notifying me).   

  • Ask everyone you can to watch, like & comment on the YouTube video, and share.
    Reply to the comments so YouTube sees you are actively creating a conversation.  It’ll increase the search ranking.

  • Write a blog post.   
    Facebook and other social media sites prefer native content.  So if you write a post, include a link in the comments or a link to your website.  Facebook doesn’t like to promote outside links, especially to YouTube. When you share on Facebook a link to the blog, you can increase your traction over YouTube.  I’d still add the link to your TEDx talk in the comments repeatedly.

Then again, it’s not all about getting millions of views.

It’s not how many people watch your talk, it’s who’s listening.

You share your idea worth spreading to reach that one person who wants to make a transformation. Not to push your idea upon the masses. It's credibility worth its weight in gold.

Some of my speakers give niche talks, not getting millions of views, but making a huge impact in their field. Like my speaker, roboticist Angelica Lim, PhD who ended up on a paid speaking tour of Europe and getting her dream job as the head of Robotics Emotional Engagement for the top robotics firm, and now leading a movement of girls building their own robots because of her TEDx talk.

Speaking of getting traction…

Cathy Garner’s TEDx talk “The Science of Relationships” just came online 20 hours ago.  Let’s support her in getting traction.  In her talk, she tells us how…

Hollywood and Bollywood tell us love is Fated. It's written in the stars - we're either lucky or unlucky in Love.  Cathy Garner felt she was unlucky and so she stopped trusting her heart, turned to science and discovered real love isn’t Fated; it’s created.  How? By practicing a set of skills. Over the past decade Cathy turned these skills into a relation - SHIP model.

If you are in a relationship or want to be in one, this talk will shift your perspective on love.  


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