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The simple way to get BOOKED TO SPEAK for Easy-Entry Speaking both onstage and online.  

If you’ve been putting off speaking on stage or online through podcasts and webinars or creating videos, you're not alone.  

Have you wondered...

❍  Who am I to be speaking about this?

❍  How do I come up with a whole talk?

❍  How do I get invited to speak at events?

❍  Why am I holding myself back?

❍ Will they reject me?

❍  Who would want to hear ME speak?

❍  What do I have to share that women can't find somewhere else?

❍  Nobody would be interested in what I have to say.

❍  Fear of being rejected is holding me back.

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Coming off stage to raving fans rushing to tell you,

“Wow, what you said really changed me.”  

People reaching out asking for your help.  

Feeling confident that your ideas are valued by the people
 who need you most.

Changing the world
one word,
one person,
one easy entry speaking stage
at a time.

See yourself

Getting your message out on a grander scale, easily.  

You don’t do it for the money, the fame of stealing the show,
or to get in the spotlight.

You do it because you have to.

No one else can share your message, in your unique way.  

See clients asking to work with you, students clamoring to take your courses, and bigger speaking events coming in daily.  

Imagine speaking online, on podcasts, gracing stages across the country and around the world...until one day you Step On the Red Dot™

This is just the beginning of your speaking journey.  

You know it’s time you stepped out.  

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Listening to other speakers, you think,
“I should be up there!” 
How do people actually get
booked to speak?

You've got all these ideas.
You talk about them with people who will listen. You love that people comment on your posts and follow your progress. 

What’s holding you back?

Getting booked to speak
has a lot of moving parts.  
There’s meeting the right people, warming to the organizers,  preparing a whole talk, and then yada yada yada.

But it doesn’t have to be so complex. 

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Hi. I’m Soness.

I’ve been called the #1 TEDx speaker coach in Asia and Oceania, coaching over 115 TED & TEDx speakers around the world. As the Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events, I make sure our speakers connect, engage and move audiences. 

As an international speaker, I’ll show you how my clients and I get booked to speak without having all the things a speaker is “supposed” to have such as expensive headshots, over-the-top speaker pages, all those extra things that stop you from doing what you are meant to do:  sharing your message with the people who need you most.  You are starting off and this will give you the right steps to get booked to speak both on-stage and online .... as you. Just as you are.  

I’m also a Professor of presentations skills, having authored 2 university textbooks on presentation skills, and, I turned my TEDx talk into a peer reviewed academic journal. You may have seen my weekly communications TV show on NHK or FOX TV. So, I get where you are coming from as a speaker. I spoke at the TED Worldwide Talent Search, 3 TEDx events, and I speak globally both on-stage and online.  

I'm so thrilled to introduce to you....


In Get Booked to Speak in a Week™️, you create that community of like-minded people and change makers who are ready to speak out, to Step on the Red Dot™️. Get out there and share your message whether it's onstage, podcasts, webinars and even your own videos.


Step by step...

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I created a step-by-step method to drop your fears and get your message out to the right audience -- both on stage & online!

And it’s....Simple.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if getting booked to speak was simple,

......without all the fluff and got directly to the point? 

But most courses take up so much time.

Why do courses take fo’eve~~r?  
Seriously. No blabbing here.
Over 7 days, you get daily, concise 4-minute videos, 
with actions steps that take about 15 minutes.*  
It's simple and you get results--Now.

Add some
Intensive Group Coaching ➕ Coaching calls

to get personal feedback on your assignments, 
and you have the perfect course that gets you results. 

Be fully supported for confidence, to know your message is going to resonate 
and connect to the right people.

Join others who loved GBTS in a week! ....

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Learn how to...

+ Discover your message

+ Set the goals and objectives in speaking

+ Expound your message into a bigger picture

+ Set the right tone for the right person

+ Set the goals and objectives in speaking

Soness shines a light on each and every one of us personally. For me, I felt she shared a connection. Soness came across as though she knew me, knew where I came from and understood where I wanted to go. She would challenge me further on the homework, make me look deeper into my message for the world, but in a friendly manner with encouragement and energy making me want to probe just a little further.
— Faye Lamb
I actually like this Facebook group. I usually don’t share on FB because of all the people I “kind of” know but have no business knowing about my life. But here it feels safer somehow.
— Student Class of 2016
I always wonder if it’s going to be only a rehash of trivial advice. After day 1, I had mixed feelings: the questions were pretty standard. I think it’s day 3 or 4 that it started to make sense: the process and accountability built in this course provide awesome value.  Then I got booked to speak, both free and PAID.
— Sebastian Cagnon, PhD, Roboticist

Each day you watch a 4-minute video, then take 15 minutes of action steps*, and share with our private facebook group.  Here’s where the Intensive Group Coaching gets going!
You receive personal feedback on your assignments to work through the sticky spots.  For some, the first couple of days of groundwork might seem breezy, but once you hit day 3, you’re going to love having my insights and support to take it to the next level.  The value goes beyond the videos.  

I know that it’s easy to procrastinate when resistance arises, and Get Booked to Speak in a Week™️  is to help kickstart Your Speaking Journey™️.  So...You get 10 days to get my direct feedback on your assignments in the Facebook group, plus access to the course materials for life.  You’ll be kickstarted into action as you prioritize this week to speak.

You’ll be amazed and proud at what you’ve achieved over the course of a week!  

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 18.50.17.png

For the daily action steps, some students take 6 minutes on activities where others take 1o minutes to an hour, for an average of 15 minutes per dayNow, only you know how you process. I like to take action immediately, and if I get stuck, I ask for help or go for a walk. Then the Ah-ha moment comes.  

You are you.  Don’t compare yourself with others. This is YOUR Speaking Journey™️.  I may ask you follow-up questions to get you to dig deeper.

The Intensive Group Coaching in the Facebook group is where the action is at.

You get direct, personalized feedback on your assignments, working titles, and even support on re-writing and editing from me and my team.  

To go deeper is important.  But to know what to go deeper into--that’s the secret! That’s what’s going to make it worth it.  

And last but not least....... Our COACHING CALL(s) (for 2 time zones) around "Day 5 or 6" where you get laser-focused coaching and live support from me and "Your (new) Speaking Journey" tribe!

Get concise, insightful and spot-on coaching as I dig deep into your questions and concerns. Knowing that you are heard-- that you are not alone--is often the extra "lovin' sauce" we all need to help us on our way. 

kickstart your speaking journey

I know that it’s easy to procrastinate when resistance arises, so in Get Booked to Speak in a Week™️  you’ll get 10 days to get my direct feedback on your assignments in the Facebook group, plus access to the course materials for life.  You’ll be kickstarted into action as you prioritize this week to speak.

You’ll be amazed and proud at what you’ve achieved over the course of a week!  


For the daily action steps, some students took 6 minutes on activities where others took 1 hour. Many students took 10-20 minutes for an average of 15 minutes. Now, only you know how you process.  I like to take action immediately, and if I get stuck, I ask for help or go for a walk.  Then the Ah-ha moment comes. 

You are you.  Don’t compare yourself with others. This is Your Speaking Journey.  I may ask you follow-up questions to get you to dig deeper.

I really loved how the group discussion got going immediately, Soness actually taking the time to respond to everyone and with valued feedback and actually caring made me feel like I wanted to keep going and that it is possible for me to do this!--Kris K.

You get 2 time zones in the Group Coaching Call(s) where I will personally answer your most pressing questions, from:

  • How to get speaking engagements

  • Brainstorm catchy working titles

  • Get un-stuck on your summaries

  • Find your best speaking venues

The Get Booked to Speak in a Week community is a great gathering place of like-minded people, where you can exchange experiences, get creative together, and provide inspiration for each other.

Here’s what’s different:
My speakers live all over the world, so our Group Coaching Call will take place for both halves of the world.  Yes, my Aussie friends, you’ll actually be able to join live!

Time Zone 1:  Europe

region 1.jpg

Time Zone 2:  Americas/Canada

region 2.jpg

Get your questions answered live and have face time with me.

So, you get…

  • Daily, practical and focused, no-fluff videos.
  • Worksheets that guide you, yet allow for your creativity to come through.
  • Feedback on every assignment in the private Facebook group.
  • Face-to-face support in the Group Coaching Call via Zoom + recording.
  • Accountability and motivation to kickstart Your Speaking Journey™️ this week.

We do this simply with ease and grace. You build daily step-by-step.

Simple.  Let’s do it!

What's inside of Get Booked to Speak in a Week™️?


Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each module:

+ Day 1: What is Your Intention?**

Set your intention. Taking the intention in your head to a piece of paper makes things clearer to me and easier to communicate to your audience.**

Align with your specific purpose for speaking. Speak because you have a clear purpose. Clarify who your audience is.**

Step up with the accountability structure. Connect with 3 others in this group for mutual support. You are not alone. You no longer have to listen to the voices in your head. ** You know, the one that says “Who do you think you are? You’re not expert enough. You aren’t ready for TED.” I’ll share with you the exact techniques I use to quiet that voice. Most coaches tell you to shut it up, but you can actually employ that voice at the right time and make it work for you! With these tricks alone you can save thousands of dollars in both therapy and time spent on your talk.

"This pushes me to step up with the accountability and structure. It's 11:32 PM and I would've blown this off, yet for the engagement and structure." --Student Class of 2016

+ Day 2: Why does the world need to hear your message?

Clarify where you are in your messaging and business. You may know your target audience or learn that you need to find out where they are waiting for you. Write out a more detailed vision of that end goal. Discover the real heart of why the world needs to hear your message. Find your “Heart’s Mission.”

Look within. Understand why you are needed and how playing small isn’t helping anyone.

“Speak from your heart, not from you image of what you think someone else wants to hear.”--Student, Class of 2015

"Now, I know why - you actually had us do the 5 whys with you asking. That was brilliant! F'n brilliant!" -- Kyle M.

+ Day 3: Who’s your audience?

Find the right audience or your “tribe.” Don’t waste your time and energy talking to the wrong people.

Research. Not just imagining where that phantom Ideal Client Avatar hangs out. This is getting real. Write up a specific list including links of organizations, groups, and venues where your audience is waiting for you and where you can influence the industry the most.

"It's important to think about the REAL place to target, not where you think you need to be." --Natalia L.

Reach out and touch someone... Touch base with current clients to better connect with more of your audience.

+ Day 4: What is your speaking routine?

Prototype, create and test working titles. See which lands best for your ideal audience as you pitch to real events before taking the time to developing talks.

Summarize ideas. Make those random talk ideas come to reality in a clear and succinct way -- an essential and often forgotten step in the creation process.

“ [I loved] discovering that I do have a topic I could talk on tomorrow if needed. I felt like that was still a long way off. But, being forced into writing a title and description made me realize that there is something there already. This was thrilling for me." --Micah B.

"[I loved] discover[ing] why you need a speaking routine and see how creating one allows you to connect deeply with your audience. Have three talks ready and up your sleeve. Have a rough plan, and then test the waters with title and brief description. See what gets traction and expand. I just loved the idea of this…. This concept was absolutely breakthrough!" --Nathalie B.

+ Day 5: The Ask -- Get Booked to Speak by stepping out of your comfort zone:**

Ask to speak with ease and grace. No hard-core pitching and over-tooting your horn. Show up as you are wholly.

"Today was like the biggest ah-ha moment for me! I never realized how simple it was to get out there and approach people." -- Kathleen M.

Get booked. Using a simple template, you don’t have to over-sell yourself. Connect personally with those fabulous organizers.

"I enjoyed approaching someone knowing I had something to offer. Your technique makes it so simple. Fail proof I'd say :)" -- Kathleen M. Student, Class of 2016

Make that phone call, push that send button and set your intent freely upon the world.

"Again, I keep getting shocked at how much of this I already had ready to go -- it was just locked up in my brain convincing me it wasn't enough, that I wasn't ready. But being forced to write it all out so specifically and simply -- well, look at that. It's all there. I can't read what I wrote and deny that it exists, now in a beautifully organized form that I could use right away. Amazing! (I suppose that's the ultimate point of this course. Lol)" -- Shayla

+ Day 6: What’s Your Speaking Type

Discover your communication style. How do you relate to others? How does the audience hear your ideas?

"Knowing my type gives me permission to be me (!) [and] use my strengths." -- Student, Class of 2016

Take the fun quiz, "The EEEE's of Speaking" to get know your speaking and learning type.

+ Day 7: Your Season of Speaking

Solidify your speaking journey. Share a 2-3 minute video summarizing your speaking journey from here on.

Share your mission clearly and concisely. Review who needs you and how you can be of service to creating changes individually, within your community and the world.

Produce and Promote your audition video. I will help you shoot your 2.5 minute audition video and/or use at your live audition. Beside getting my personal feedback for your video, I will show you how to use your audition to pitch for paid speaking gigs, and how to use your audition on your website to grow your online audience and your personal brand.

"They said I was the most prepared, clear and concise. They could easily see how my 2.5 minute talk could be an 8 minute talk for their event! Everyone came up afterwards asking for my card and I got another gig at that audition!” - Denise M.

Feel the significance of each word. You have value. Share it.

HAPPY students


Get Booked to Speak in a Week™️
Intensive Group Coaching program



Exclusive access to the Your Speaking Journey Thinkific courseroom (Value: $250)


Find your inner voice not what a template tells you is right.  Model my examples and by previous students of this course who got booked to speak in a week.  (Value included)


Get my and my team’s direct feedback and support to take you to the next level.  Create accountability.  Prioritize to get booked to speak this week.  (Value $250+)


Get direct face-to-face time for answers.  Be included live.  One for North America evening.  One for Europe morning.  (value 250+)


Lifetime access to the course materials.  (priceless)


(Value:  $750)

Yours for only $197