Why do I do what I do?  

So I can help Mari and all my other clients to become the speakers they are capable of being, and so they can solve their clients problems – and make a great living, too.

Let me show you how I’ve achieved the amazing successes with my clients.

...Introducing Stand & Deliver

This 6 week, step-by-step course takes you from idea to creation through engaging presentation. You will discover how to make all your talks TED-worthy, both on stage and online. You’ll learn through short and sweet videos which cover both theory and action, and have access to a tailored mastermind team and a weekly group coaching calls to get booked solid all the way along your speaking journey.

That’s right, you will discover all the strategies you need to get you speaking ASAP so you become the go-to-expert and pioneer your movement.

You'll soon have the confidence to..

  • Handle Q&A like a pro
  • Speak clearly & concisely
  • Create videos that sound exactly like you do in real life
  • Connect with the audience
  • How to read the crowd
  • Get paid to speak
  • Pick & choose the right audiences

The Exclusive Content

Week 1

  • Get a clear vision of your Kokorozashi "Heart Direction" for your vision of your speaking journey.  
  • We'll discover who needs to hear your message and why, why, why, why, why~~~you need to share it.  
  • Create your speaking journey map for the next 6 weeks, 3 months and 1 year.
  • You'll learn the easy way to book a speaking engagement to keep your mind focused on creating your message. With the right audience.  
  • Connect with your mastermind team which is made to balance out.  On a journey, you need people with different skills and abilities to create strength.  Surviving the journey means having a vision map, team members with different strengths (who would you want to repopulate the earth with?), and a proclamation.

Week 2

  • Capture your audience even in the first few words of your talk and use your captivating introduction for your welcome video on your website.
  • Own the stage confidently in just 30 seconds.
  • Be commanding even when your heart pumps with adrenaline.

Week 3

  • Know the 4 different types of people in your audience and who you are as a speaker.  
  • How you can easily engage and connect audiences--or even your family--when their communication style is different than yours.
  • 3 valuable ways to know your audience and what they need, before you even speak.
  • Learn the easiest way to create rapport--even for introverts!

Week 4

  • Master the one piece of psychology that will make your audience hungry for your talk from the get-go.  
  • Multi-purpose this technique in your social media for more engagement.
  • Harness the power of emotion to fuel your talk so your audience is rivoted, eager to know what comes next.

Week 5

  • Make sweet, sexy Data to make your talk sizzle, especially when the majority of your audience isn’t exactly in love with numbers and data.
  • Make your audience feel like a part of your talk while establishing rapport.
  • Create conversation dynamics when you are the only person on stage or talking on video.
  • 3 secrets of TV presenters (Yes, that’s me on FOX TV). 

Why is "sexy" data memorable?

We only remember 20% of whatever, and tend to forget the rest. What happens with something you find sexy though? It may be your husband or wife, maybe it's a Tesla or even your iPhone. Whatever that sexy is, you tend to think about it, and remember it more vividly. You need this skill.

Week 6

  • Master audience facilitation techniques that will move them to action now.
  • Overcome all those little voices in your head whispering all your fears of being a fraud, an idiot or...you know.
  • Become a Jedi Knight in just 30 seconds knowing what your audience is doing, thinking and feeling.  Yes, Yoda wished I worked with young Luke Skywalker.  

Bonus video:  Q&A Like A Pro

So you give this amazing talk or webinar, but you’re not sure what to expect during the Q&A section. Thinking on your feet, everyone waiting expectantly, people arguing with you, oh, how nerve wracking. You’ll be able to facilitate your Q&A Like A Pro. 
(Value: $97 + a year’s supply of deodorant + prescription of Xanax)

Get started right away: Week 0

  • Know what to look for in the right audience & where to find them
  • Discover why you need to begin your speaking journey now 
  • Become confident connecting
  • Book speaking engagements for the right audiences both on stage & online in 8-10 weeks 


Plus, weekly group calls in which you'll actively participate.

  • Laser-focused coaching on your talks
  • How to get speaking engagements and apply to TEDx
  • Reveal what really happens on a TEDx stage
  • Special techniques to handle anything that happens when you're on stage, and how to recover your poise.
  • How to find time to practice your talk when you've got no time to spare