Derek was telling me...

“It’s very easy to be viewed as an expert when you’re on stage. It’s very hard to write a blog post, “Hey, guys. I’m an expert,” because it’s just a blog post. Anyone can write a blog post. But I actually saw when I first started speaking, and you speak in front of a crowd of people – whether it’s 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 people, it doesn’t matter – when you get off stage, people come up to you, and ask questions, and defer expertise to you because you were the guy on the stage with the microphone. It’s a much easier and better way to establish that instant authority.”
— Derek Halpern, Founder of

I know you're not here because you want to speak.

You're here because you HAVE to…

...Make your idea worth spreading

...Create change

...Lead a movement

You know that speaking can

Connect you with the right clients,

Establish instant authority,

Attract attention to your message to build a movement faster, and,

let’s just say it…

Getting paid to speak is awesome!  

 Dr. Angelica Lim, PhD., Roboticist, TEDx Speaker

Dr. Angelica Lim, PhD., Roboticist, TEDx Speaker

I was lost before my TEDx talk, but Soness brought me back to the Why of my speaking, got to the core of my essence and  purpose.  I felt calm even during technical malfunction.  
Now I've spoken at 2 TEDx events, paid speaking tours of Europe & North America, and  year long documentary! Oh, and I finished my PhD in record time and got my dream job!  
Speaking is a journey, and you need Soness to coach you.