By now you’re wondering...

who am I? 

so let me introduce myself and tell you about Mari.  

I’m Soness Stevens.  I’m currently Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events.  I’ve trained over 15,000 people in the art of engaging presentation skills that move audiences to action, and present at TEDx events around the world.  I am a TED@Tokyo speaker.  So, I know where you are coming from.  Maybe you've seen my weekly broadcast communications TV show on  on NHK or  FOX TV.  

Mari is one of my clients.


About a year ago Mari was telling me how she was doing ok in her business. She always had clients, but still felt like she was living month-to-month.

She dreamed of living as our friend, Natalie Sisson, always says, “The freedom lifestyle,”

She felt frustrated because she didn't have the confidence to go out and expand her reach to a larger audience.

She was really comfortable one to one, but when it came to speaking in front of groups, doing webinars or sharing her message on a larger stage, she was limiting herself and her business because she wasn't reaching out and scaling up.

Through mapping out her speaking journey, learning how to prepare her presentation to connect with the 4 different learning styles in the audience, and create rapport through my unique techniques, she was able to connect, engage and move the audience.

As a result of her application of my system, Mari landed 3 new clients at her first local speaking engagement. She increased her earning potential on each of those sales by 80% = $15,000 in a month from these skills. She also received an award from the chamber of commerce within weeks of learning the fundamentals from our course, and now speaks and works with internationally famous clients.