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Change the world.

Step on the Red Dot™  

The only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

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The World is waiting for your message...

What's holding you back
from getting your ideas worth spreading
out to the right people? 

Are you ready to take that next step that leads to the TED stage? 


You’ve hit a point in your business or your professional career where you have your message, people ask you to share more, and you practice what you preach. You’re starting to get ahead, you’ve figured some things out.

But something’s missing. You’re not there yet.

You’re missing that elusive next step that would really help you make your mark.

You might see it as a goal you’re heading towards. Or it might be just a faint dream somewhere in the distance. Either way...

You know that speaking at TED or TEDx can help you build your platform, be seen as an expert, and make a difference in people’s lives...

But you’re stuck. You might be thinking:

  • Who am I to be giving a TED talk? There are so many others who are more qualified. I’m not an expert!
  • Is my idea TED worthy? Someone else has already said what I know.
  • Oh, I could never do it. I’m not talented ­- I wasn’t born a speaker.
  • Am I ready to do this? I don’t have the guts to speak on stage.
  • I’d like to speak on a TED stage, but I don’t even know what I’d talk about!
  • Do I even have a TED­worthy idea in me?
  • And even if I did... how do I get there? I don't even know where to start!

Whatever your doubts are right now, I ask that you put them aside for just two minutes, and let me ask you another question:  What would it look like to Step On the Red Dot™?


Imagine, just for a moment, that six months from now, you’re standing in the middle of the red dot, and you’ve just finished your first TED talk. There’s a moment of silence, and then...thunderous applause. And you just stand there, taking it all in, knowing in your body, heart and soul that this is it - you’ve done it!

And as you come off that TED stage, the applause slowly fading, there’s the people lining up, waiting for you. Wanting to exchange business cards. Asking for your advice. Wanting to just take a selfie. Or thanking you with a big smile and tears rolling down their cheeks - thanking you for changing their lives.

Now I want you to stay with that for a moment. How does that feel? The rush, the adrenaline, the knowing that you were able to connect, engage, to move your audience to action, to make change in minds and hearts.

And after you get home, the rush is gone, and you slowly get back to your normal life. First it feels like nothing’s changed...but then the email notifications start popping up on your laptop. You’re getting invited to speak at the big events, the ones with the audiences you know will embrace your ideas. It was true what they said - a TED talk really is a stepping stone. Soon, you’re fully booked with clients and appointments, you’re actually getting paid for your work (finally!), but most importantly - you can finally feel you are making a difference in the world.


Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not. Like many people I know, I’ve gone through this exact same journey.

Hi. I’m Soness Stevens.

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As the Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events, I’m in charge of making sure that our speakers connect, engage and move audiences. Plus, since I’ve been on the team for years, I have an in-depth knowledge about how we discover speakers and what we look for in their TED applications.

So the real reason I know what happens if you put your mind and soul into getting to the TED stage is that I’ve coached over 115 TED & TEDx speakers around the world. 

But I’m not just a coach. I’ve been working as a professional speaker for 17 years, publishing two books on presentation skills and running a weekly communications TV show that you might have seen on NHK or FOX TV.

I’ve also gone through writing, preparing and giving my own TED plus 3 TEDx talks - so I know exactly what it’s like to feel the highs and lows of the process from the adrenaline-fueled excitement of being selected, through the paralysis of having been selected, the seemingly endless cycle of editing and rehearsing, to the last-minute panic before you finally step onto the stage.


what is the purpose of TED talks?

While TEDx is not the be-all-end-all, it is currently the new book deal. This will be the first port of call because it will bring us results quicker and this notoriety will position your later efforts.

You’ll find it easier to get more bookings, meetings, and sales if you could boast public profiles portraying more of an expert status.

Many of the ‘big names’ respect and listen to TEDx talks.   It brings their positioning from a place of “I'm a speaker” to “I'm a TEDx speaker”.

It’s not going to happen overnight. There's a process.

From the spark of an idea to being ready to step on the red dot, your TED-Worthy talk is not accomplished overnight or even in several weeks!  In reality, most speakers start developing their ideas 1 year in advance.  


"Soness, you have a way of adding humor to the process, and your encouragement is beyond wonderful!  The amount of time and attention you spend with us during the private call sessions is my favorite part (even though I couldn't attend them all...and they went a bit long).  Also, so much really excellent content...and the template, and organizing our information to be 'ready' in the near future when we have more engagements."


We'll do it with graceful steps that take you to the stage to step on the red dot. and the creation process of fashioning your talk with ORIGAMI innovativeness for the TED-style stage, keynote talk and workshops. 

How do you train to speak at TED?

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  • Step on the Red Dot™️ the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.
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  • Origami Talks™️: Transform your ideas for TED, keynotes and workshops--Folding 3 forms and beyond.

I love all of my speakers!

Here are a few you might love to see!


How I teach kids to love science

At the Harbour School in Hong Kong, Cesar Harada teaches citizen science and invention to the next generation of environmentalists. He's moved his classroom into an industrial mega-space where imaginative kids work with wood, metal, chemistry, biology, optics and, occasionally, power tools to create solutions to the threats facing the world's oceans. 

The Permission of the "And"

Justine Brooks Froelker is the author of Ever Upward, a book that dives into the mental hurdles that surround the journey of a woman whose life hasn't turned out how she hoped, dreamed, and planned after a failed infertility journey. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator practicing in St. Louis, Missouri. Her talk – ‘The Permission of the And ’ – touches upon a deeply personal story of struggle and loss. 


The Donut Effect: owning our stories

Therapist and author Justine Froelker speaks on rising upward out of shame in this funny and educational talk. Froelker shares her own hysterical and embarrassing story to help us grow into the freedom to be ourselves and the responsibility to know ourselves. It is in this space that we can own our stories. Full of grit and grace, Justine Brooks Froelker, uses her passion, the occasional curse word (when appropriate, of course), and humor to vulnerably share her truth to light up the world. 

On Designing User-Friendly Robots

A computer science graduate from Simon Fraser University, Canada, Angelica Lim completed her doctorate in Kyoto University, where she built a new breed of robot emotion system, based on the knowledge of human infant development. She was the first employee at Aldebaran Japan working on the new humanoid robot, Pepper. She has won awards for her work, including signal processing and entertainment robotics, and aims to develop human-inspired models of emotions and intelligence in robots.

Lessons from a cult survivor

Claire Ashman was born, raised, and birthed 9 children in a cult. She shares how the prevalence of cults and cult-like thinking affects everyday people. In Australia there are over 3000 cults, with some 600,000 members, meaning we all know, or have had contact with at least one person who is a member of a cult.

Surrender to create flow

“Art speaks for itself,” she said.  But sometimes we have to speak for our art.  Mireya Samper is invited to exhibit around the world, so when this TEDx opportunity came up, there was resistance to speak up.  And yet, she pushed through to weave a story of motherhood, passion for art, and overcoming creative blocks as she lives her what she talks “Surrender To Create Flow.”  

Soness speakers at TEDx.jpg

Why I'm not a TEDx speaker...and other myths.

If you’re like me, you’ve been told a number of things about
why getting on a TED stage and delivering a talk
that changes lives is not possible.

These myths have become so widespread that a lot of people take them for granted,  
even though they couldn’t be farther from the truth.
If you don’t take them at face value,
you’re already past the first blocks that prevent you from embarking on this journey.

Myth #1. "I have to be a great performer to do a TED talk."

Most speaker coaches will tell you that speaking is a performance. They are wrong.

In practice, speakers that are trained to focus on performance develop what I call “lecture mode”. The unconscious signal this performance style sends to the audience is “I am an expert, so I’m going to tell you what you should do”. This actually creates a disconnect between speaker and audience that is very tough to mend. And at the end of the day, this distance will stop you from getting the invitation to speak at TEDx.

So what can you do instead? Simple. Speaking that connects starts with listening, because at the end of the day, listening is compassion. Once you’ve listened deeply, then you can speak with compassion. That is how you can be present, connect with any audience.

Myth #2. “But you have to be chosen to speak at TED.”

A lot of people want to wait for their magical moment when they get chosen to speak at TED. But you know what? The reality is that the magic owl with the enchanted invitation letter is not coming.

The only way to get a TEDx talk is to work on getting a TEDx talk. You can either become part of the community - like I did so many years ago - or seek out events that you want to speak at, and there are specific methods for both approaches. You have to be proactive - you can’t just apply to one event and hope to get in. You might have to apply to five, ten or fifteen events until you get a catch. It’s like in acting - you get one out of ten auditions, but if you don’t go to ten auditions, you don’t find The One.

That said, there are many ways that you can prepare to maximize your chances. Before a recent TEDx event in Japan, a speaker dropped out in the last minute. In a matter of hours, the spot went to my student Rick. But that didn’t happen by accident. Rick had already perfected his audition video using the techniques I taught him, and he also had 8 weeks of preparation, so by the time the call came, he was prepared - he could jump at any opportunity at a TEDx talk. If he hadn’t done those steps, he would not have been able to speak at TEDx in Japan.

That is the difference. If you want to do it, you have to pursue it.

Myth #3, "I wasn't born with the skills to be a good speaker."

Prepare for a twist. This myth is true, but not in the way you might think. Because as it turns out, no one is born with the skills necessary to be a speaker.

If you have just one takeaway from this page, let it be this: Speakers aren’t born, they’re trained. Things like confidence, stage presence or “natural” charisma that other speaker coaches will tell you you should have or stop trying? These are all skills that you can learn, not abilities you are either born with or not.

Speaking is something that everyone can master. No matter if you choose to go it alone and create your own path, or to seek help and get there faster with tried and tested methods. I know this because I’ve seen many dozens of self-professed “non-speakers” turn into speakers with practice. I have also developed simple techniques to speed up the process of becoming a great speaker.

And the thing I mentioned earlier about being able to listen to connect with an audience? Listening is also a skill that you can hone with practice.

Myth #4, "There's only one way to do a TED talk."

A lot of people make the mistake of telling you that the most viral TED talks are the ones to emulate. But the truth is that those TED talks have become viral because their message came from the uniqueness of who gave those talks. The spark, the personal magic that you put into your talk cannot be replicated.

That said, there are a number of styles or ‘formats’ that TEDx talks can take, like The How-To, The Journey, The Entertaining Creative, The Industry Influencer or The Quintessential. You can use these or other tried and true formats, but only as a jumping off point - then you have to take the next step and make the talk your own as you progress on your speaking journey. 

Myth #5. “I’m an introvert. I’ll never be able to speak on stage.”

There’s a lot of myths about what introverts can and cannot do, and speaking is one of the big ones. But if you set aside the stereotypes for one moment, you’ll see that many of the most viewed TED talks were done by introverts - Susan Caine, Bill Gates...actually we observed that 90% of TED speakers are introverts! And you know what? I am an introvert and most of my students have been, too.

Here is something about introverts that is true - introverts can take the time to really focus and hone their skills, including their speaking skills. What you need to stand and perform on a TEDx stage are all ones you can learn whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Myth #6. “I will never have enough time to master speaking.”

It’s often said that it takes ten thousand hours to master a skill. And it’s true that if you’ve already spent thousands of hours on mastering your field of expertise, you won’t want to spend an equal amount of time learning how to talk about it.

But here’s the thing. You don’t actually need to spend ten thousand hours on stage to be a great speaker. There are many ways to accelerate the learning process, including visualisation and so-called re-creation techniques.

Some of these techniques I’ve learned and know to work, while other methods I’ve devised myself based on my own 10,000-hour experience with speaking on stage. I know the entire process inside-out, and that’s exactly how I know how anyone can build up their speaking expertise fast, but without cutting corners.

Which brings us to the final myth.

Myth #7. “Everything has been said before. I have nothing new to say.”

People tend to hang up on this a lot, and I can see why. If you just look at the wealth of speakers, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs that have done TEDx talks, you can feel so overwhelmed by the amount of topics that have been covered.

But at the end of the day, it’s not the topic of what you say that determines whether you have a right to say it. I always like to reframe this question by asking: “What do you bring to the table in this topic? What is your unique angle? What’s your special sauce? Who’s your specific audience?”

Even if you don’t know the answer to these questions yet, many times it only takes a bit of digging to find what can make your talks stand out. Your topic, combined with your unique angle and style, will always create something that has never been done before.

How do you train to speak at TED?

soness coaching at waseda u 2016.jpeg

Training 115+ TED & TEDx speakers since 2012, I know what works.

If there’s one thing all these "speaking gurus" have in common, it’s the deceit of wishful thinking. “You are either born to speak or not”, they say, “you either have the talent or not”. But even if they do convince you that you’re a “chosen one”, their system of how to become a TED speaker is ultimately up to how the fates roll the dice that morning. And that is because those gurus have never walked the walk. They may have been to TED but they might not have the faintest clue as to how to teach what you have to do - or they may just not have been to TED at all.

In reality, getting a gig at TED does take work. There’s no magic pill. You do need to learn new skills and you do need to practice. But at the same time, there are many ways to both speed up the process and to make the whole thing efficient. And if you do it right, it will be a lot of fun.

I’ll be honest with you. You can go it alone, trial-and-error style, and choose your own path like I did when I first started out. Here’s the thing: with 6+ TED coaching years under my belt, I know what has worked; not only for myself, but for the 115 people who I’ve coached to be confident TED speakers who changed their lives with their talks. You can take the slow route and get to where I am today in same time I did, or you might find that years of experimenting with what works and what doesn't isn't worth your time.

But if you’re at the point in your life when you know that life-changing TED talk is an arm reach away and you’re eager to get there NOW, if you want to spare yourself the failures and keep your momentum going, you will do yourself the biggest favour if you take the fast road and step on that red dot not in a matter of years, but a matter of months.



"When I practiced for my TED talk, I did two run throughs and I knew I got it. This is a great freakin story! I know I am prepared. They wouldn’t have picked me if I wasn’t ready.”
--Justine Froelker,  

How do you get booked to speak at TEDx? 

"Everyone has an Idea Worth Spreading."
                    --Chris Anderson, Head of TED

1.  The core of your Idea Worth Spreading: Discover if you have an Idea Worth Spreading. 

Everyone has an idea worth spreading. I believe it’s a matter of discovering it, making it clear, concise and replicable. Often it’s not the first idea that comes to mind. Together, we’ll dig deep to find your heart’s message

What was unexpected was Soness' unique style of keeping us accountable by matching us with other "team" members taking the course. Watching TEDx talks are inspiring in an of themselves, but being a part of the process and creating with other aspiring TEDx speakers was an experience that is totally priceless. I was (and am) totally humbled, but at the same time inspired that I now have the tools to share my message in a clear, succinct manner, not only on a day to day basis, but also on the TEDx stage...where I now know this possibility is a total reality." 
                                    ---Ada Wells, DPT, PMA®-CPT, CEO of ProBalance, Inc.

2.  When & Where am I gonna speak?

The timelines for applications and timelines for the speaker preparations vary from TED and TEDx.  TED lets their speakers know 1 year to at least 6 months beforehand. TEDx may have selected their speakers 6 months to 1 week in advance. Ack! Who can put together a TED Worthy viral talk in a week?

In my experience, as Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events, those speakers do not do well.  Following my timelines will save you time and panic later. You will already have crafted your core thesis + you’ll have the basic 2.5 min audition version of your talk ready to expand. So, you’ll be 2 months ahead of everyone else taking 6 months to prepare.

Your 2.5-minute audition video + live talk

3.  Use my “Content Design Thinking principles for Innovative Speaking.”

  • Idea Phase.  Spark ideas. Expand & Develop those ideas.
  • Pro-creation.  Like a prototype, here's where if you were making a gadget, you'd tape together pens and paper clips to represent what you are trying to make and see how it looks, feels, and get some opinions if this is needed. I’ll share with you 2 techniques for Pro-Creation.
  • Revision.  As rough as it might be, begin to invite your team--that's me and your teammates in the Step on the Red Dot course to comment and support you in your creation process.
  • Production. Think of this as your craft to rehearsal process.
  • Feedback. What if it sucks?  Yeah, well, if you are in the creation part and think this will go away on The Day...you're wrong.  You need to get feedback waaaay beforehand. Before you present it to the public.
  • Shoot your 2.5-minute audition video and use at your live audition.  
  • Audition.  Wow the curator panel at your TEDx event.


SOTRD Logo.jpg
  • Step on the Red Dot™️ the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.
Origami Talks temp logo.jpg
  • Origami Talks™️: Transform your ideas for TED, keynotes and workshops--Folding 3 forms and beyond.
SOTRD Logo.jpg

Step On The Red Dot™: the only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

Over 8 weeks, you will develop a seed of an idea to grow a core thesis, cultivate it into a 2.5-minute audition video, then a live audition piece for TEDx-style events.

Soness speakers at TEDx.jpg

On Step On The Red Dot™, you will learn.....


  • What makes an Idea Worth Spreading
  • Know if you have an Idea Worth Spreading
  • How to get discovered
  • Application tips & tricks
  • Choose a good talk topic
  • Create a clear, concise concept to pitch for a 4-18 min talk
  • TEDx interviewing skills
  • Audition Video help: what & how to say it + how to shoot it
  • Get confidence in your idea

Throughout the course, STEP on the RED dot™ YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • Videos to guide you through concept, application, to video audition

  • Helpful PDF's to download so you can take action in every module

  • Checklist of your application journey

  • Private FB support group

  • Weekly Office Hours for 2 regions (8 wks x 2 regions= 14 calls)

  • Work-Along-With-Soness-Workshops (at the end of each laser coaching and Q&A session, we put pen to paper and get work done together-- If you show up, I guarantee that you will get stuff done. (Europe/Asia/Oceania & North America/Asia/Oceania)

  • Workshop recordings made available in our courseroom (at the discretion of the facilitator to respect the sensitive nature of certain topics that come up on these intimate group coaching calls.)

80% of my speakers who auditioned got their TEDx talk on the first try.  The other 20% of my speakers became emergency speakers who got the talk they'd originally aimed for!   

“Even though it was a Pecha Kucha, it ended up painting my speaking career. It was absolutely brilliant!...Once you’ve got that video, you can use in any application. A speaking journey is like putting in a decent CV, with a halo effect.... As an emergency speaker, I was prepared for speaking at TEDx because of the intensive work that we had put in, not only during the course, but also afterwards. One of the things that I really, really appreciate about your model is that when you do a course with you...is that it doesn’t stay there. You’re in for the long haul. You’re there to make sure that I got a talking spot, and that was so cool.“
--Megan Bayliss, TEDx speaker and founder of The Junk Weavers, Inc.

There's no pressure for our speakers to audition for TEDx.  TED is simply one step on Your Speaking Journey as there are plenty of other events which are high quality and enable speakers to develop their speaking chops as well as speaking reels.  You can also choose to aim to audition for other events and I will support you in those as well.

We might not always get it on the first try, but stick with me and you will. I am in it for the long haul!

Introducing Step on the Red Dot

Step On The Red Dot™ is a 8­ week, multimedia online training and group coaching program that takes you through the entire speaking process. With the step-by-step training, you’ll be able to craft your talk from idea, through creation, to stepping on the stage to deliver your talk. Whether you’re creating talks for the stage or online, this training will help you make all your talks TED-worthy.

SOTRD Logo.jpg

But it’s not just for TED: you will get access to strategies to get you speaking ASAP so you can become the go-to expert in your field, a pioneer who leads a movement.

Each week, Step On The Red Dot™ gives you a new set of videos that combine theory with action, so you can start implementing what you’ve learnt right away. Plus, you’ll have access to a tailored mastermind team AND weekly group coaching calls to get booked solid all the way along your speaking journey. 

Unlike other presentation skills programs that tell you that speaking is a performance and focus all training on learning to perform, this program hones in on the real deal:

  • Form authentic connections with your audience
  • Be true to yourself when you’re on stage
  • Turn fears and shyness into confidence
  • Move your audience so they go on to share the unique message that only you can deliver

The best part? You don't need to be an actor, performer or a trained speaker to join this program. You don’t have to learn to be someone else. You can be you. In fact, I'm going to show you how to get the confidence to connect with your audience while staying true to yourself.

Finally, in Step On The Red Dot™ you’ll learn how to be prepared when you are in fact asked to speak at a TED event. I’ve met too many people who scrambled at the last minute, and had to turn down the opportunity because they were not prepared. Speaking in front of a big audience can be frightening - speaking at TED can be even more. So in this program, you can learn how to break this mental block so you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

But of course the main question is: how do you get to TED? It’s a long road, right? Well, I’ll show you the short route to apply to TED so it doesn’t take years, but months. So if you’ve ever daydreamed of speaking at TED someday, maybe even this year, this course is for you.

SOTRD Logo.jpg

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in each module:


How to find your Idea Worth SpreadingI’ll help you discover your idea, make it clear, concise and replicable. Together, we’ll dig deep to find your heart’s message. I’ll also share with you the 7 Questions that help you shape your idea to its full potential.

"These 7 Questions for an Idea Worth Spreading is GOLDEN!" - Kyle Wood

How to quiet the little voice in your head. You know, the one that says “Who do you think you are? You’re not expert enough. You aren’t ready for TED.” I’ll share with you the exact techniques I use to quiet that voice. Most coaches tell you to shut it up, but you can actually employ that voice at the right time and make it work for you! With these tricks alone you can save thousands of dollars in both therapy and time spent on your talk.

How to Always Be Speaking. While crafting your message, speak on as many platforms as possible: stage, webinars, podcasts, local meetups, everywhere! I’ll show you how speaking wherever you can gives you great experience in connecting with people listening to you.

Why the “Why” Isn’t Enough. Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start with Why” is just the start. From this video you’ll learn a simple but profound Japanese technique called Kokorozashi or “Heart’s Mission” that you can use to dig deep and discover your true Why behind your talk, your career, and your mission.

"This helped me work out my Idea Worth Spreading. Even when I was applying for this course, I didn't feel like I had a strong idea about what I want to talk about. Now I do!" - Ada Wells

Play to create your central idea. We’ll use creative and playful techniques to make creating your talk’s core statement easy and fun.

How to make your talk relevant to your audience. Here’s the trick: your talk is never really about you - even when you do talk about yourself. Here you’ll learn how you can design any talk with your audience in mind.


How to navigate the Time Maze. Timelines for TED and TEDx applications are hugely different from event to event. A TED event can let a speaker know 1 year to at least 6 months beforehand, while a TEDx event may have selected their speaker 1 week in advance - and preparing in a timeframe like that is an uphill battle. But if you following my timelines, you will be two months ahead of everyone else, saving yourself time and saving yourself from panic.

How to choose between applying, I will personally help you decide which is the best route for you to take depending on your circumstances.

How to find the best events to get selected as a speaker - surprisingly, it’s probably NOT where you thought.

What to fill in the application blanks? Your teammates & I will give you feedback to make sure your application document is clear & concise. Plus, I’ll personally make sure it’s exactly what that event curator looks for in their speakers.

How to relate to your event’s theme. I’ll show you how you can shift your talk with one phrase to speak to the current theme without having to scrap your whole concept.


How to collect the vital elements for your talk - You’ll learn how to make sure your talk is engaging, you have the data to support it, and you have the elements in place to have your audience take action.

I’ll show you the 4-MAP technique to not only get those ideas going but to place them in a coherent structure.

How to use story- - Whether it’s personal stories or case studies, they are vital in supporting your central idea. I’ll also share how to go beyond the Hero’s Journey (so overused!).

How to find your unique voice - some people try hiring a copywriter to write their talk for them. It always breaks apart, because most copywriters will have no idea what your true voice is like - how could they, if you don’t know either? In this section, I will help you discover your authentic voice.

"I did it! I spoke for 2.5 minutes...I got told that I was more prepared than most. Thank you to Soness Stevens and all the members of this fabulous group who took time out to help me with wonderful title suggestions and the polishing of my script. I love and appreciate you all." - Claire


To create your 2.5 minute audition video and prepare for the live talk in five easy steps, I will show you my “Content Design Thinking principles for Innovative Speaking” system:

  • In the Idea Phase I help you brainstorm and develop the ideas that came to you.
  • The second phase, Pro-creation is like creating a prototype, as if you were making a gadget, taping together pens and paperclips to represent what you are trying to make and see how it looks, feels, and get some opinions if this is needed. I’ll show you two different techniques for Pro-Creation so you can work with a prototyping method that feels the best for you.
  • In the third phase, Revision, as rough as it might sound, we begin to invite your team -- that's me and your teammates in the course -- to comment and support you in your creation process.
  • The fourth phase, Production, is when you craft your performance style and rehearse.
  • Finally, it’s time for Feedback, feedback, feedback. The best way to know how audiences will react to your talk is to get feedback way before you ever get to a live event.
"I did it! I spoke for 2.5 minutes… I got told that I was more prepared than most. Thank you to Soness Stevens and all the members of this fabulous group who took time out to help me with wonderful title suggestions and the polishing of my script. I love and appreciate you all." -- Claire Ashman, 3x TEDx speaker, Cult Survivor, Author

"It's not the audience's job to care. It's your job to make them care."
--Soness Stevens, TED and 3x TEDx speaker, Founder and CEO of Your Speaking Journey


In this module, I will direct you to shoot your 2.5 minute audition video and/or use at your live audition. Beside getting my personal feedback for your video, I will show you how to use your audition to pitch for paid speaking gigs, and how to use your audition on your website to grow your online audience and your personal brand.

"They said I was the most prepared, clear and concise. They could easily see how my 2.5 minute talk could be an 8 minute talk for their event! Everyone came up afterwards asking for my card and I got another gig at that audition!” - Denise

If you sign up to Step on the Red Dot™, you will not only get the modules.

You get 2 time zones coaching calls weekly for 8 weeks where I will personally answer your most pressing questions, from:

  • How to get speaking engagements and apply to TEDx
  • What really happens on a TEDx stage
  • What to do if something unexpected happens when you're on stage
  • Laser-sharp feedback on your specific creation process

The Step on the Red Dot™ community is a great gathering place of like-minded people, where you can exchange experiences, get creative together, and provide inspiration for each other.

What an amazing experience of deeply connecting with others, being coached by Soness and actually getting the work done in one go. 
--Sobia Asad, Step on the Red Dot graduate
I learned from today's call that knowing others well means knowing about yourself well. I really recommend everyone here to show up for Soness's call tomorrow!
--Kai Fujii, TEDx speaker, Kawasaki Musa Concert Hall coordinator, Graduate of Step on the Red Dot
Love the "office hours" as Soness comes prepare to educate and inspire. I leave encouraged to open even further to my "essence."
--Marika Baris, 
Founder & Executive Director at My Baby Angel Foundation

This five module-course is the start of your speaking journey. Step on the Red Dot™ is the only course with the experience to show you how to apply to speak at TED and TEDx. Are you ready to turn this daydream into a reality? Join me on Step on the Red Dot™ and let’s get to work on your Idea Worth Spreading!

Doors are closing for

Step on the Red dot

the 2018 season

The 2018 season of Step on the Red Dot starts on Monday, July 9th 12 noon (EST). 
It is not too late to register if you'd like a chance to speak on the TEDx stage in 2018. Seats are limited to 30 participants. Get your seat today! 


Step on the Red Dot™️

The only step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

SOTRD mock up.png


Scroll below to save over $1,000 US on how to work with Soness all the way up to the TEDx stage! 


Rick Clemons, Author, podcaster & TEDx speaker

I just want to say that this course has inspired me, challenged me, caused me to go deep, and to tap into what i knew to be true. I need to be speaking and making it my life work. Step-by­-step, the content and Soness's guiding hand have helped me gain clarity, confidence, and kept me committed to actually submitting my first TEDx application. Would I have gotten there without this course? Probably, but not near as quickly nor with as much clarity and conviction. I'm now on the hunt for speaking engagements and enjoying the process. I don't just believe I will get speaking and engagements because of this course and Soness, I know and am manifesting that intention...NOW!


Just landed my first big paying gig. October 19, High School, 2500 students, College preparedness day, two talks, back to back, 1250 students each talk, + one workshop. Here we go! Blessed! Thank God I got a TEDx under my belt.
— Rick Clemons

Do i wait to get accepted to speak at TED? 

My speakers get booked to speak at TEDx and TED-style events.  BUT...it seems to happen quickly.  

Megan got selected as a TEDx emergency speaker with only 6 days to prepare!  Fortunately, we had already crafted her talk.  She was ready!

Rick had a week to fly across the world and deliver his TEDx talk of a lifetime!  Fortunately, we'd already been working on his talk before he was booked.  He nailed it!

Kai had 5 days when she got the last minute TEDx call out of the blue!  Fortunately, we crafted a talk for PechaKucha just 2 days before and she was brilliant!

This keeps happening to my speakers! 

When opportunity knocks, you gotta be fully prepared so you can say, "Yes, please and thank you!"

How can you prepare for opportunity? 



Create your Origami Talk™ to fold and refold into a TED-style talk,  a keynote, and a workshop.

Yes, all 3 from the same core thesis.

let's create that talk

Origami Talks temp logo.jpg


Make your core idea into an Origami Talk.  
Most people talk about accordion talks that expand with a bunch of hot air.

We want talks that transform.  Origami Talks.

ORIGAMI ( A traditional Japanese paper-folding artform)

One simple square sheet of paper, folding into a crane (which represents hope) or a frog (Japanese "Kaeru" which sounds like frog or "change") or anything you desire--all from one simple sheet of paper.  


ORIGAMI Talk takes one core thesis, and transforms it (much like how we shape one origami square shape into a multitude of shapes)  into a TED-style talk (4-18 minutes) to a keynote and a workshop. Folding them into 3 forms and beyond.

In this 3-month online workshop program, speakers move from Step On the Red Dot core thesis to Origami Talk. This is your follow-up program to my “Step On The Red Dot” course.  You’ll create your full TEDx talk and work on speaking techniques that go beyond performing --  You’ll connect, engage and move audiences.

If you want to speak on a TEDx stage in 2018, this is your chance.

Origami Talks temp logo.jpg

In this 3 month online course, you and I will work closely together with people who  are ready to stand on their "stage," core thesis in mind--ideas, statistics, data, information, stories. But how to put it all together?  The beauty of working in groups is that we can give each other feedback and weekly support. 

What is the key to a TED talk with impact?

Making every line have impact! Together in this intimate group, we will make sure each line aligns with your values, expresses your personality and resonates in the audience's minds.

"Because it's not about how great your talk is on stage.  The true measure of greatness is how it reverberates afterwards." 

--Soness Stevens

Soness/ TEDx Kumamoto
Origami Talks temp logo.jpg

You'll learn...

  • Captivating storytelling techniques. 
  • Evoke emotion in yourself and even in audiences who might not seem like your ideal audience.
  • Use the neuroscience of storytelling.  How can you seemingly psychically sync with your audience?
  • Practice Soness's secrets to the 3-line story.
  • How to use comedic timing.
  • Create a thread weaving your whole talk seamlessly.
  • Learn how to add case studies to your talks in a casual rather than contrived manner.
  • Move mindfully on stage.
  • Create simple yet effective slide decks to support your message.


In addition to the techniques mentioned above, this is what you will get in 3 months of Origami Talks™

  • 2 Live workshops for each half of the world,
    That's 12 x 2 regions = 24 coaching calls! You get: 
    • Laser coaching.
    • Teaching points with "techniques" and "processes" that I personally use in my daily life.
    • Work-along-sessions as part of the coaching calls so you are guaranteed to get your work done. (If you show up, you will get your work done. I don't get off the workshop until you win, so it is not unusual for the workshops to run up to 3 hours.)
  • Access to replays of teaching points covered in the coaching calls.
  • Private Facebook group support for personal feedback from Soness and "speakermates."
  • Guaranteed 3 months of additional support after the course ends. 
 I call my group in Soness' course,  "my TEDx family." They are absolutely awesome... To be able to prepare for my TEDx talk with the group, to share my notes, my trial videos, and be given feedback--Gold. Can’t ask for anything better!
---Claire Ashman, Cult Survivor, 3 x TEDx speaker, Author

When delivering keynotes and workshops you'll know how to...

  • Design and deliver Workshops that WOW and convert!
  • Knowing this talk with your heart and soul will get you comfortable with any interview, panel, or media opportunity.
  • Connect deeply with yourself and your audience from the moment you step on the stage.
  • Be confident and content with your content by embodying your talk without memorization. 
  • How to sell from the stage when you are not supposed to sell.

Ever since giving 3 TEDx talks I found that it has been a bit of a roller coaster because I've had magazine articles written about me, I've been interviewed online, I've done two interviews on Brisbane radio, and my most recent interview has been for BBC worldwide radio called “The Conversation.” ….While in the UK, I appeared on “This Morning” which is one of Britain's highest-rated morning shows.

I am able to actually speak very easily in all of these interviews...And in a way,I don't even have to prepare for the interviews because I've done all the work with Soness and I can just literally pluck all these things out of the air and speak really, really easily.

--Claire Ashman, 3 x TEDx speaker, Cult Survivor, Author


Which would you like to choose today?



 Step on the RED Dot™



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(This is a savings of $1000 U.S. dollars for the package of courses.)


May I choose to join Origami Talks™ after taking Step On the Red Dot™

You might have the opportunity to join Origami Talks™ in the future IF there are seats available.  But the price will return to the full price of $2997. This course will not be offered a second time in 2018.  You'll have to wait for Fall 2019.  



Talk about investing in your success!!!
Soness believes in your success.
You can, TOO.


The above courses are ALL courses where I personally interact with you with insightful feedback in our private facebook groups and where you GET YOUR STUFF DONE during our office hours and WORK-ALONG-WITH-SONESS workshops!


You know don’t just get a series of videos where your are left to your own faculties. Writing talks from your heart is a soul-searching activity.

I’m there with you all the way.

And that’s why I’m opening these courses for only 30 speakers.

This is INCLUDING the 15 speaker seats we are keeping open for those who are determined to get it done! It gets pretty intense the last three months before you give your talk.

And I want to be sure I can be fully there for all of you.

So that all of my speakers win.

Cheers! And love to you all!




Below is a brief timeline showing how we can work with ease and grace, yet producing a full talk/ workshop that can wow audiences and organizers alike.

It’s incredibly high level but there’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that's not mentioned.

The golden rule of marketing is test and measure. If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it.

We won't just blindly stick to the plan if the results indicate something different will be more successful.  

Adaptability is the key.  

Yet my programs are tried and true.  

I've trained over 15,000 speakers.  Over 137 speakers are in my current course.  I stay on until they win.

My programs are based on 18 years of academics in action.  I'm not “playing” teacher. I am a teacher. I'm a 3-time published communications researcher.  I'm a TED & 3-time TEDx speaker. My courses are not based on theory. They are based on what works.


That said, here is our initial month by month of Step on the Red dot™ and origami talks™   program with me:


Month 4-5  |  Step On the Red Dot (July 9, 2018 to August 31, 2018).


Develop TED-Worthy ideas over 8 weeks

Month 6-9  | Origami Talk (Mid-September to Mid-December)


3 months of crafting TED-style, keynote and workshops.

I know you don’t want to stop at just showing what you can speak about.
You can take the time to develop, Hone in your ideas with ease and grace over a period of

Here is a group of special women who journeyed with me through my Origami Talks™ process:


Nida and Sana envisioned having featured women speak at the what they imagined could be Pakistan's premier design event as well as the most expensive event in the country.  People told them: 2 women can't organize an event of this scale by themselves. They couldn't get the high figure sponsors they wanted. Even the big sponsors wanted in-kind and chump change.  They wanted to prove the industry wrong.

They knew the featured women had great ideas, made huge contributions in advertising with Synergy-Dentsu, Google, and major and minor companies.  While some of them had spoken, some confident, one commonality was fear.

“When I was approached to be a speaker on this conference I was so scared to face the audience. I thought that I was going to make a complete fool of myself. But then, we had this blessing from the universe, and that was Soness Stevens!
[She showed us] Not only how to get up on a stage and talk, but how to persuade people to see things from your point of view. I think it’s an extremely important skill to learn. For any creative, for anyone who is trying to enlist their vision... It doesn’t matter from which profession you come from. You need a coach like Soness who will tell you to learn to listen, learn to have compassion and then guide people to your point of view. Don’t push them. That’s the most amazing life skill that I learned. It is not only learning how to speak on stage. It’s about listening and it’s about persuading people.
...She really brought out our own selves. And she gave us the courage to face our fears, and again, be ourselves.”
— --Atiya Zaidi, Executive Creator Director, Synergy Dentsu Speaker for ND2C17
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-06 at 2.46.30 PM.jpeg

Nida & Sana wanted to at this point break even if they weren't going to profit. Sana's husband told her, "You have no budget.  Hiring a speaker coach is a waste of money. It's foolish."

They worried about filling seats.  They worried their speakers were going to back out...and as it turns out, they were right.

Speakers who didn't take the training bailed on the event weeks and days before the event.  Their Headline nationally famous speakers who weren't trained, but "experienced and TED speakers" so they "didn't need training" ended up having the worst reviews and people walking out on their talks.

Here's what saved ND2C:  the 6 Featured Women.

They spent 3 months training with me.  3 of the speakers got standing ovations.  They all were the highest ranking speakers of the event.

Sponsors like IBM and others said,

"This was the best event in Pakistan! I'm sorry we didn't believe in you.  Next year, we are sponsoring 10 times what we did this year and paying for seats our organization to participate in the conference."
"Hiring Soness as speaker coach was the best money she [my wife] spent on this entire conference.  I told her it was a waste of budget. But Sana insisted. I'm convinced now. You can see the difference night and day between the speakers that worked with Soness and the ones who didn't.  Definitely bringing Soness back next year." -- Taha Anis (Sana's husband)

A very real account of people wanting to and ACTUALLY making THINGS HAPPEN! 

And making a DIFFERENCE.


And this is you.

Alone, you are enough.
But together...


by the way.....

We have a pretty amazing guarantee...

We are so confident in you, that if you don't get booked to speak then I'll work with you privately until you do or give you a refund on that course.  I can't guarantee that each speaker will get booked to speak at TED or TEDx or specific events, but I know they can get events to share their ideas if they trust the process.

Yes, really.

We do not guarantee you will make money.
To suggest this is insulting to your intelligence.

We do however have a guarantee
which means if things aren’t going to plan then you do not miss out.