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STEP ON THE RED DOT:  The step-by-step system to realize your dream of a TED talk from idea to audition.

starting January 16, 2017.


  • What makes an Idea Worth Spreading
  • Know if you have an Idea Worth Spreading
  • How to get discovered
  • Application tips & tricks
  • Choose a good talk topic
  • Create a clear, concise concept to pitch for a 4-18 min talk
  • TEDx interviewing skills
  • Audition Video help: what & how to say it + how to shoot it
  • Get confidence in your idea


  • Videos to guide you through concept, application, to video audition.
  • Checklist of your application journey
  • Private FB support group
  • Weekly Office Hours (Europe/Asia/Oceania & North America/Asia/Oceania)

 (Value: $997)


Does it get results?

80% of my students got their TEDx talk.  And the students who aimed for PechaKucha--got, spoke, and engaged the audience in theirs!      

Rick had dreams of speaking at TEDx. He'd paid $20,000 for another guy's speaker training program before and tens of thousands of dollars for speaker trainings, but wasn't able to get that elusive dream:  TEDx & getting paid to speak.  Until he took my Step On the Red Dot course.  What was his journey like?  Let Rick tell you...

Just landed my first big paying gig. October 19, High School, 2500 students, College preparedness day, two talks, back to back, 1250 students each talk, + one workshop. Here we go! Blessed! Thank God I got a TEDx under my belt.
— Rick Clemons

BUT...There’s a waiting list for this course.   And there are only 30 seats.  It requires a lot of my personalized feedback.  

As a "BETA FOR LIFE" on Your Speaking Journey, you get Priority Access.

Now, this is only for you. You completed the beta.  I value your ability to take action, finish what you start, and give insightful feedback as a Beta Tester.  I trust you.