Is being an introvert holding you back from getting your "Ideas Worth Spreading" out to the right people?

Have you been putting off that keynote or TED talk or webinar or speaking at networking events?  


Hi, I'm Soness.

I work with TEDx speakers and World change-makers to connect, engage, and move audiences both onstage such as TEDx or online through webinars and videos.   You may know me from TED or as a TEDx Head speaker coach, or from NHK and Fox TV.

Because I speak with confidence clearly and concisely, people often think I'm an extrovert, when actually I’m more on the introvert side. Or possibly, as Susan Cain says, an omnivert.

You see while I love to connect with people I actually prefer to spend the majority of my time in solitude.  I live by the beach in Japan so I can have space to reflect .  Maybe not too long ago when meeting someone new I would've gotten a little bit nervous.   

If you'd ever told me that I would be standing on stage before thousands of people every weekend, on a nationwide tour, or have a nationwide broadcast weekly TV show for years, I’d have been, silently, skeptical -- because I'm not the type who would typically be on stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people. I’m not even the right look for what they're looking for on TV.

But What is it that I *really* wanted?  I really wanted to connect.  So, I made a decision to connect. Even if it was an audience of one or connecting with an audience of 1000.  And What is an audience of 1,000?  It’s an audience of 1 and 1 and 1 and exponentially.

This way of thinking, Director from FOX TV JR Lipartito says, has made me one of the most in demand  females on stage in Japan and on TV. It's not because I thrive on being in front of 100,000 people. It’s because I build relationships with one.

Just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you don't like talking. It just means you don't want have superficial conversation. You like deep conversation, and you spend most of your time reflecting on your thoughts and relationships.

What if you could have that deep meaningful relationship that connects with others who just like you are trying to make a difference in their world

find the right people to have this dialogue with, on a larger scale, so that you can go back to re-energize yourself with solo time

You’ve got a business and it’s doing well, you’ve got clients, but you need to reach more people in less time and with less energetic effort.

It’s tiring to have to talk to a lot of people all day long,

if you could connect with more people in just one shot. one video, one talk, one webinar.

Leveraging the power of scalability.

Every time you speak it should be TED worthy.

A webinar is a live speaking stage.  Your videos are a TED audition platform.

You have your own TV channel.

Introverts have such amazing gifts to give the world, but our voices aren’t being heard.

Make it so that when you do go to the events, You only spend quality time with the right people--on a deeper level--as opposed to talking about the weather and frivolous stuff and What do you do?”

Over the next seven days you'll reflect and discover why you need to talk to only the right people, with the right message and get tips to do so confidently-- Whether it's on stage or online webinars or videos or TEDx.

Just because you're not the cheerleader type, doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines. Hey, it's time for you to connect, engage and move audiences. Because inspiration is for people who just want to sit there feeling good for five minutes.
Lets aim to be more practical and move to action.

I'll share with you

  • How to find the right people
  • What to look for in the right audience
  • Discover your needs and why you need to speak and
  • Get your message out on a larger scale and
  • Have the confidence to do so

Just because you're an introvert doesn't mean you don't like community

so we’ll create that community of like-minded people

change maker, ready to speak out, stand and deliver,

to connect, engage, and move audiences  both on stage and online.
All this with less than 4 minute daily video series with action steps you can complete within 15 minutes a day.

You gotta get out there and share your message whether it's onstage, TEDx or through webinars and even your own videos.

Make this your season of speaking out, not matter what your volume.


soness stevens

Soness is a TED & TEDx speaker, weekly NHK TV Communications Navigator, and Associate Professor of business presentation skills. She works with TEDx speakers, tech-ies and introverts to become engaging presenters,  both online and on stage.

She uses a unique combination of Positive Psychology principles, NLP, education, and entertainment to teach Presentation and Platform Skills at Yokohama National University, based on her book, Show-N-Tell: Presenting from the Heart, the first multi-media textbook used at major universities in Japan.

You may have seen her on NHK or Fox TV Japan, or heard her as the official English voice of Hello Kitty.

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