I’m booked to SPEAK AT TEDX. How do I find the right TED style talk speaking coach?

Giddy with excitement, then reality hits in...






Your friend probably sent you to me because, they, like over 120 TED & TEDx speakers, heard me whisper...

Relax. I’m going to show you step-by-step, the easy way the way to connect & engage your audience from the moment you hit the stage.

Imagine your words reverberating in their minds days, weeks, and months afterwards.

Months and years after my talks I still getting messages from audience participants about the impact of my talk--seeking advice!  You'll become The Authority, too!

Dr. Angelica Lim, PhD, Roboticist, TEDx Speaker

Dr. Angelica Lim, PhD, Roboticist, TEDx Speaker

"I was lost before my TEDx talk, but Soness brought me back to the Why of my speaking, got to the core of my essence and purpose. I felt calm even during technical malfunction.
Now I've spoken at 2 TEDx events, paid speaking tours of Europe & North America, and year long documentary! Oh, and I finished my PhD in record time and got my dream job!

Speaking is a journey, and you need Soness to coach you."


How do you train for TED?


  • Develop your idea

  • Clarify your core thesis for the soul of your talk

  • Use my secret techniques to create a talk that sounds authentically like you

  • Develop the structure, brevity & purpose to give you freedom

  • Get a clear vision of your Kokorozashi "Heart’s Mission" for your TEDx speaking journey.  

  • We'll discover who needs to hear your message and why you need to share it.  

  • Create your speaking journey map leading up to your talk.

TED speakers rehearse over 200 times--that's 7 times/day over a month.

How do you prepare your TED style talk?

Over 12 WEEKLY COACHING CALLS, together we’ll work on…

  • Writing, timing & tweaking--we'll create a talk that flows engagingly

  • Choose the right words capturing the essence of what you want to say

  • Make your audience care

  • Beyond accountability--find focus so you save time

  • Weekly video rehearsal reviews so you'll get those 200 rehearsals in!

  • Capture your audience even in the first few words of your talk

  • 3 valuable ways to know your audience and what they need, before you even speak

  • Create phrasing that resonates a lifetime

  • Master the one piece of psychology that will make your audience hungry for your talk from the get-go

  • Zen-style your slide deck

  • My original technique to know your talk inside-out almost effortlessly--Memorize--no! Embody into your soul 18 minutes of talk?  Easy!

  • Own the stage confidently in just 30 seconds.

  • Speak confidently even when your heart pumps with adrenaline


  • Master audience facilitation techniques that will move them to action now.

  • Overcome all those little voices in your head whispering all your fears of being a fraud, an idiot or...you know.

  • Become a Jedi Knight in just 30 seconds knowing what your audience is doing, thinking and feeling.  Yes, Yoda wished I worked with young Luke Skywalker.  

 Is there a TED talk template?

Some speaking coaches will try to sell you a template for your TED style talk.  I don’t believe in templates.  

You don’t fit inside of a box.  So why would your talk be fill-in-the-blank?  

Together we’ll find your heart’s mission, grow your original seed of an idea into a TED-Worthy Talk.  

You will Step On The Red Dot™ with confidence and competence to captivate.

My speakers ideas matter.

I wanted a template for my talk. But Soness wouldn’t let  me start there. We had to go through, what I felt at the time was drudge-work, asking questions about my values and universal truths and my inner wisdom.  Then we started writing haiku. Why are we writing haiku? I didn’t sign up for poetry class! But I decided to trust the process. I realized, if I had a template like other coaches hand out, I would have just filled in the blanks rather than create a talk that transformed the audience.  Just like she said, it came true--every line had impact! Lines formed just to meet me, take a selfie and tell me what an impact my talk had on them! And now we are working on our third talk together. Trust Soness’s process. -- Dr. Nona Djavid

Should I hire a copywriter to write my TED style talk or speech?

Some people try hiring a copywriter to write their talk for them. It always breaks apart, because most copywriters will have no idea what your true voice is like - how could they, if you don’t know either? I will help you discover your authentic voice. Together we’ll craft your talk. Hand-in-hand, you will know every line creates an impact. You are quote worthy! We just gotta find those quotes waiting to exhale from your heart.

Here’s the thing…

If someone writes your talk for you, you end up just performing their script.

Yeah, they might have interviewed you, but it’s not you. The audience can feel whether you are authentic or not.

Crafting your talk with Soness, she brings out your words, your voice, your creation. You will feel ownership of your material. Then you can focus on what’s important: connection.

How do you start your TEd talk training now?

I only work with speakers who have unique ideas worth spreading.  You've gotta be committed to spreading an idea for the betterment of humanity--not for only self-promotion.  

Simply enter your name, answer a few questions, and click submit.  Then we'll connect for a chat to see how we can work together to make your ideas worth spreading.  

Your talk is coming up soon! Time is of the essence both for your talk and for our time to work together. For the same 12 x 1½ hours TEDx package, the pricing varies based on how much time we need to cram in!  

How much is my investment to create my Ted-style talk?

I value transparency.

I know a lot of speaker coaches charge $10,000-$60,000 USD for TED talk coach. One of my speaker’s told me how a TEDx coach approached him with a “pay-to-play” opportunity: $100,000 giving him a TEDx talk at the TEDx event she produces.

How sad! She didn’t even believe in him. He didn’t feel she thought his idea was good enough—to think he couldn’t get another event? And you know what? His idea was brilliant! Life-shifting! He made it on his own accord.

And some of coaches promise to write your talks for you…then outsource it to a speech writer. They charge a fortune for keeping you accountable and then hiring someone else at a lower rate to write your talk.

But here’s the thing…I don’t take on clients who I don’t believe in. And I’ll tell you directly. Just ask my speaker Karan.

I believe in my speakers.

When we work together, you will get booked to speak at TEDx or a TED-style event.

You will walk on stage with confidence knowing you have ownership of your talk.

I believe Ideas Worth Spreading do not belong to the elite—They belong to everyone. That includes you.

Here’s the investment to work together on your TED-style talk over 12-sessions:

If you have 3 months before your talk: $6900 US total.
Rushing with only 2 months before the big day? $7900 US total.
Cramming in only 1 month before? Oh, my! $8900 US total.

Do I need 12 sessions?

Yes, if you want to give a talk to transform the lives of the audience and those who watch. If you just want to check a TEDx talk off your bucket list, this isn’t the right program to commit to speaking at TED.

My speakers don’t speak because they want to. They speak because they have to.

They have to…

make a shift in perspective, what we hear in the world, and how people act. Making a difference one impactful idea after the next. You become quote-worthy!

What if I’ve got it all together and I just found you right now to do a quick check-in?
If you have less than one month to your talk, we can't do the full TEDx package.  I'm not a psychic, but we can do one-to-one touch-up coaching at $850 per 90-minute session-billed like the psychic hotline.


YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING...do i need a ted speaker coach?

Doesn't my event give me a speaker coach?  

Yes, and that volunteer has the best of intentions.  What my clients and I have discovered is that with the volunteers busy schedules, they might listen to your talk once or twice with mild suggestions.

These volunteers aren't trained speaker coaches, communications experts, or have TEDx stage speaking experience.  Which leaves you scrambling the week before.  This is exactly why there are tens of thousands of TEDx videos that go un-viewed and don't make it onto TED.com  

You need a pro dedicated to your heartfelt message.  I've spoken at both TED Worldwide & TEDx events, plus spent the past 15 years on a nationwide tour for audiences of 1,000+, I can appreciate where you are coming from and can guide you to confidence.


Cesar Harada, TED Senior Fellow, Inventor, Environmental Activist

Cesar Harada, TED Senior Fellow, Inventor, Environmental Activist

"I have been teaching for years and giving talks professionally and internationally for 5 years now. I had many coaches.

Without hesitation Soness has been the sharpest, high-energy, positive and articulate coach I've ever had."




Can't my friends help me?  

They will be a valuable resource as we go onto the rehearsal round, but can they spend the next 3 months working with you weekly?  Even friends who have done a talk... well, just because your friend had a great haircut before, you wouldn't want them to cut your hair, would you?

I'm really busy.  

If you are too busy, then you should give your spot to someone who is dedicated to making their idea worth spreading.  Be prepared for months of preparation.

How much is speaker coaching worth?   

You'll become the authority.  Imagine your value raising exponentially.  Some of my clients have gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding, paid speaking tours, and increased earnings between$50,000-$100,000/year.  How much is becoming the Go-To Expert worth to you?  Our TEDx journey together is a fraction of that at $6900.


WHO is soness?  

I’m Soness.  Honored to be called #1 TEDx Speaker Coach globally with over 120+ TED & TEDx speakers.  

I'm currently the Head Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events.  I’ve trained over 15,000 people in the art of engaging presentation skills that move audiences to action, and present at TEDx events around the world.  

I’m a TED and 4-time TEDx speaker!  So, I know where you are coming from.  Maybe you've seen my weekly broadcast communications TV show on NHK or FOX TV.

I’ve authored and published 3 academic journals on TED style presentation skills and communications. I’m also the author of the presentation skill textbook which is Japan’s first multi-media textbook used in the university system. My syllabus is the basis for the entire YNU university-wide mandatory presentation skills program.


Victoria Markhoff, 16, Mental Illness Activist, Filmaker, TEDxTeen, TEDx

Victoria Markhoff, 16, Mental Illness Activist, Filmaker, TEDxTeen, TEDx

"At TEDx, people were saying that I was a really good speaker. But it wasn't just natural. It was 3 months of working with Soness.

I have social anxiety and mental illness--anyone can be good in speaking not through natural talent but a lot of hard work."


Elisa Markhoff, Eating Psychology Specialist, Huffington Post Blogger

Elisa Markhoff, Eating Psychology Specialist, Huffington Post Blogger

"When I see the results of months of work, I was like, 'That is why you hire a coach.'

You don’t want to be good enough, you want to be great.

If you want to be great, hire Soness."