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You are you.  No one else.  

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You are incomparable. 

So why compare yourself?  Don’t.

Many speakers seek a template for their big TED talk.  I don’t believe in templates.  

You don’t fit inside of a box.  So why would your talk be fill-in-the-blank?  

Together we’ll find your heart’s mission, grow your original seed of an idea into a TED-Worthy Talk.   You will Step On The Red Dot™ with confidence and competence to captivate.

My speakers ideas matter. Take a look at the showcase of a few of the speakers across the spectrum I’ve coached. 

Notice how we've broken the silos of industries from tech to psychology to social consciousness.  While each of my speakers are different, their ideas make a global difference. 


“I was lost before my TEDx talk, but Soness brought me back to the Why of my speaking, got to the core of my essence and purpose. I felt calm even during technical malfunction.
Now I’ve spoken at 2 TEDx events, paid speaking tours of Europe & North America, and year long documentary! Oh, and I finished my PhD in record time and got my dream job!
Speaking is a journey, and you need Soness to coach you.”
— Angelica Lim, Ph.D., Roboticist, Canada

“How do you stop child rape? Education.”

 What can be done to stop child rape? Education and Career expert Dr. Karan Gupta teaches from the best schools to slums to the streets. He talks about how to keep kids in school and how education is the key to stop child rape in India. Instead of punishment, we need a solution now and for the long-term. Children are being empowered to defend themselves through a unique combination of education with self-defense classes. If you are empowered, you will not be compelled to show your power.   #Education #Metoo #KaranGupta #TEDx #Rape #StopRape #ChildRape #SelfDefense #Power #Strength #Hope


How do you find a speaking coach for ted?

“I talked with several speaker coaches before deciding to work with Soness. Others were just trying to land me as a client. Soness was the only one who was honest enough to say, “I wouldn’t put you on my stage.”

Kind but firm. It’s like she knew I had something deeper in my soul. And she did. She asked me probing questions that felt like therapy, we laughed a lot, and then BAM! She heard the real me.

Within a week, she got me to take action, pushing me faster than I had imagined. She even helped me create a workshop to expand the movement.

My TEDx talk got a standing ovation, and at the end, people lined up to join the movement.

Now my talk “How to Stop Child Rape in India: Education” has over 1 Million views!”
— — Karan Gupta, Ph.D., Educator, India

“The Bystander Effect: Why Some People Act and Others Don't.”

Kelly Charles-Collins was in law-school when her friend made her keep a secret.  When she complied she became an example of the social psychological phenomenon called The Bystander Effect: When everyone is waiting for the other person to act, we just keep waiting.

After years of research, this lawyer understands you don’t have to die for causes you believe in.  Listen to this TEDx talk as she shares how you can stand up, speak up and act up.


How do I apply & get booked to speak at TED?

As a lawyer, trainer and author, I’m comfortable speaking, but I knew if I wanted to give The TEDx talk of my life, I needed the right TED speaker coach. I knew other speaker coaches, but when I met Soness, I just had a feeling she was the one who could bring the best out of me. She worked with me to craft the perfect audition piece which got me invited to speak at 2 TEDx events! Working on the whole talk, she made me work hard, and didn’t just send me away with work, but crafted it with me so I had ownership of the material and every line had an impact. If you want to speak at TED, you’ve gotta work with Soness!
— — Kelly Charles-Collins, Esquire, Florida, USA

Surrender to Create Flow

 “Art speaks for itself,” she said.

But sometimes we have to speak for our art.  Mireya Samper is invited to exhibit around the world, so when this TEDx opportunity came up, there was resistance to speak up.  And yet, she pushed through to weave a story of motherhood, passion for art, and overcoming creative blocks as she lives her what she talks “Surrender To Create Flow.”  

Why do you need a speaking coach for TEDx?

I’d never before in my life given a speech.I didn’t know Soness so she came across very American like to me and very energetic. And I thought, “Oh my God this will never work” and I thought “Why are we talking about this now? Why is my background important? Why are you asking me these questions?” And then I found out it was not just pedagogy. My perception of Soness changed I saw that she is highly professional which led to complete trust. And I surrendered what I was and thought I should do beforehand.

I understand now why she was doing it. Her aim is you. Her aim is one. One goal. That you do your best. That you succeed and you come out as you are for what you want to give and do.

Trust her 100%, give her your all and you will get 1,000 times back. The way she’s leading you, where she’s taking you with what she’s doing. A Japanese friend of mine who came to hear my TEDx talk whom I know since 18 years. A highly intellectual man. He said to me, “Mireya, today in your talk, I feel love.”
And you know Japanese people they don’t say “love.” You know what intention I made for my talk? “Love.” And it is. Thank you, Soness! I love you!
— Mireya Samper, Artist, Iceland

Justine Froelker

The permission of the "And"

Justine Brooks Froelker is the author of Ever Upward, a book that dives into the mental hurdles that surround the journey of a woman whose life hasn't turned out how she hoped, dreamed, and planned after a failed infertility journey. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator practicing in St. Louis, Missouri. Her talk – ‘The Permission of the And ’ – touches upon a deeply personal story of struggle and loss. 

The Donut Effect: Owning our Stories

Therapist and author Justine Froelker speaks on rising upward out of shame in this funny and educational talk. Froelker shares her own hysterical and embarrassing story to help us grow into the freedom to be ourselves and the responsibility to know ourselves. It is in this space that we can own our stories. 

Claire Ashman, Cult Survivor

Cult Survivor to Free Thinking Driver

Ever wondered what it might be like inside a cult? Claire Ashman will take you on her insightful and inspirational journey of what it is like to be in a cult - and what it's like to 'escape' and live life to the fullest.


Lessons From A Cult Survivor

Claire Ashman was born, raised, and birthed 9 children in a cult. She shares how the prevalence of cults and cult-like thinking affects everyday people. In Australia there are over 3000 cults, with some 600,000 members, meaning we all know, or have had contact with at least one person who is a member of a cult.


How Asking Too Many Questions Saved Me

"How often do we follow rules blindly? When is it right to question authority?   Living by giving into other people’s thoughts, ideas and actions can kill you.  

Rick Clemons

Make Your Quirk Work

“After 36 years of hiding his truth, he came out of the closet as a gay man. Now he’s a TEDx speaker, podcaster, and author. That guy is me."

Rick Clemons is here to share his late bloomed story of confidence in hope to inspire others to comfortably walk in their own shoes.

Yayoi Oguma, Interpreter

Master Interpreter and Motivational Speaker About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spairit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.
Yayoi Oguma is an author and a sought-after language interpreter in Japan for various IT institutions and medical and retail companies. She regularly interprets on Fuji television and on the radio. [Note: We want you to see these talks exactly as they happened! The archive footage might be a little rougher than the usual talk.]

Ai Futaki, Free Diver,

2-time Guinness World Record Holder

In 2011, Ai Futaki became the first human to earn two Guinness World Records for the longest distance dive in a cave with one single breath  [with fins and without fins].

See the difference before working with Soness.  Ai embraced her challenge to become a world-class speaker after her first TEDx talk. She was good, yet she knew just like having a free diving coach, hiring Soness as a speaker coach could take her to new depths.

Megan Bayliss, Activist, Emergency TEDx speaker

Keep talking garbage... weave it into every conversation you have Talking garbage has never been more powerful and exciting. Explores an interesting social, environmental and personal phenomenon where women's purposes are changed from garbage creator to garbage weaver. It will make you rethink garbage in many ways. Megan dreamt of speaking at TEDx.  In my Step On the Red Dot course, we aimed for a TEDx event. Unfortunately, she wasn’t selected.  So, we aimed again for a PechaKucha talk, working it like a real TED talk.  The TEDx organizer saw her speak at the event, kicked herself for not selecting Megan, and promised to have Megan speak next year.  Less than a week before the TEDxIpswich event, Megan became their star emergency speaker.  Because we already worked her talk for TEDx, she was ready to Step On the Red Dot with just 6 days notice.    

Kai Fujii, Symphony Producer, Violist, Inclusion-ist

Making Concert Halls Inclusive Kai Fujii, a producer at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall talks about how important it is to change the society around us in making it more inclusive for everyone, one music hall at a time. Kai was a reluctant speaker.  She came to me because she represented Japan as a producer researching how US concert halls keep the patrons active.  Kai had to present a report to the heads of the Japanese symphony halls.  She’d never spoken before in English or Japanese.  We broke away from stiff Japanese presentation standards to create a TED-style talk. She got heaps of advice from well-meaning friends, “Ladies keep their legs together. You don’t want to be seen as that kind of girl” and “Gesturing is crude.”   She pressed on with Soness’s western, TED-style influence.  She got great reviews and asked to give that same talk again!  She didn’t stop there.  Kai, wanting to continue the transformation into a confident speaker, decided to join Step On the Red Dot™ not to speak at TEDx, just to keep learning for fun.  She doubted anyone outside of the concert halls would be curious about her Inclusive Concert Halls theme.  We set a light aim for PechaKucha, developed it like a 6’40” TED-style talk.  Her colleagues were blown away by her confidence. Then hands shot up in the air for Q&A time.  She was the top speaker of the night.  In a turn of events, the TEDx event had a speaker drop out 5 days before the event.  Kai was ready to step on the red dot!